There are a GAZZILION of Bugs Plaguing Doomfist


This. Meteor Strike works like Dva’s bomb in that it’s damage isn’t done over the whole area (like a Graviton), but rather it pulses outwards from the epicenter and can be blocked by Barriers. The icon is a bit counter intuitive since it implies it does damage over the whole area, but blocking it with barriers (including Brigitte’s) is working as intended.


Can you do something about Doomfist punching/uppercutting through Roadhog’s hook and ultimate? If Roadhog can knockback a charging Reinhardt with his ultimate Doomfist shouldn’t be able to rocket punch, uppercut through it. Also he seems unaffected by hooks that were going to hit him when he is in the animation for his rocket punch and uppercut. Again if you can hook a Reinhardt charging you head on Doomfist should be no different.


This is excellent feedback. Great to know people are being heard!

Could we PLEASE get this level of feedback on what’s happening with Sombra?


Just so you know, Bug #2 (Rocket Punch + Uppercut interaction) is happening in the PTR again.


ok so I’ve done some experimenting, at about 12 meters, the old horizontal hitbox was the measured accurately by a crosshair length of 14 and a gap of 9. With the buffed hitbox its gone up to a length of 26 and a gap of 9, roughly 50% wider.

What a time to be alive.


Also Tom, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a bug…


Brigitte Shield Bash stuns charged Rocket Punch:


Suggestion: Currently he has 250hp and can gain another 150 of shield, getting 400hp to the total. It could be the reverse, he would have 400hp and hit enemies with skills would give life steal. What do you think?


i don’t get how the “ghost punch” was “working as intended”
is it related to latency delay? or some heros have really small hitboxes and that is fair to them?
i’m not really that into comp but i enjoy playing doomfist and my issue is moira… almost 75% of my punches goes through her


“As though I needed the help” ~doomfist
Thanks Blizzard!!


Whenever i try to skip down to your post it takes me 4 posts down from where yours is. -firefox. (What are Bugs 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 17, 20, 23, 27, 28, 29?) Could you link the original doom fist bug post made by blizzard in your original post?


It is the bug list this thread starts with.

Some people man…


IMO the hitbox increase should be stated as a buff under Halance Updates. A lot of people don’t even read the bugfixes and will miss this out.


There’s still a lot of spots where Doomfist can “freeze” in seismic slam animation without ability to cancel. Todays example:


Not sure if this should go into here or not, but its seismic slam so take this no reg


Yes seismic slam does have a lot of issues. It does only single point line of sight check, even though slam wave is animated properly, it has nothing to do with who will be hit.


Fixed a bug that caused a player’s camera to jitter when spectating Doomfist during his Meteor Strike

Fixed a bug that prevented Doomfist’s Meteor Strike from landing where it was telegraphed when standing close to a ledge

Fixed a bug that allowed Doomfist’s Meteor Strike to access unintended locations

Fixed a bug that caused Doomfist’s Meteor Strike to penetrate angled surfaces as he descended

Fixed a bug that prevented Doomfist’s Rocket Punch from impacting enemies

From patch today , the last one its ghost punch ( bug 26 ) ? its has a little bigger hitbox now or not?


Another Ugly RP slide:

And please remove standing on other players already, or at least disable it during seismic slam to reduce my personal frustration levels:


If doomfist melees after a shot, the shot after which he meleed will take longer to reload, but if he melees during other shots reloading, there will be no delay.

The melee immediately after a shot introduces a delay to reload time that isn’t introduced if meleeing during the subsequent bullets being reloaded

How to test:

  1. shoot all 4 shots
  2. wait for one bullet to reload
  3. shoot once and them immediately melee
  4. keep meleeing until you get all bullets reloaded

Notice that the first bullet reload time was way longer than the rest of it, because the melee introduces a delay to the first bullet being reloaded.

Meleeing immediately after a shot makes it so that the first bullet reload time will be longer.

Here is a video where you can see and feel the delay that happens with the melee:


What even is this bug. I though Blizzard fixed his meteor strike, but I haven’t seen any improvement since the patch.