There’s a bug with the contenders skins

Hi, I have been following the contenders games for the entire month of October and I noticed that my Winston skin has already been deployed but I haven’t earn my Mei skin. For me is kind of odd because I have been on all lives from beginning to end. I want to know if someone else has this issue. Some of my friends have the same issue. I don’t want to miss this kind because Thai happen to me with doom.

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i have the same problem… some say in OWC chat that u will get it with the next patch but no1 can say when that is…

Thanks so much I really hope so. I really want to that skin.

the next patch is coming on Tuesday with the Halloween event :slight_smile: the Mei skin should be coming there

You are correct that the Mei skin will arrive in a future patch, but I have not received confirmation it will be immediately in the next upcoming patch. Please continue to follow updates in this thread: