The WyomingMist Appreciation Thread


At the top of the screen there’s a little circle with a normal line coming off it.

Useful tool.


Not a fan personally, I don’t think we’d be friends irl, but it’s cool that someone is as dedicated to these forums as he is. Don’t respect his opinions at all though.


You don’t respect them or you don’t agree with them?

You got beef with Myst?


Isn’t targeting certain users on the forum against the rules? I appreciate WyomingMist as well but I think users like RichC have said that posts like these eventually lead to certain toxic things being said about the person so it’s best to just keep the forums overwatch related/ not single people out.


I really like how wyomingmist has their own opinions on balance and design, I really respect that.

90% of the forums are people parroting their favourite streamer or the general hivemind at the time. But wyoming isn’t afraid to offer a fresh perspective.


WM is the person on these forums who I would most like to meet in person

(and I’d want to discuss how the report/ban system works)


id honestly be curious of hearing you saying Factually in person lol


I’m open to suggestions?


i dont know,

appreciate yourself?


I do that behind closed doors, it’s no fun if someone else doesn’t appreciate me though.


He is the literal only person on here. It’s really nice to see


I think he dont like posts like this?
Coud be wrong
He is still a awsome guy on the forum


Actually, in this scenario, the new thread is much more appreciated. Had he commented on the original thread, he would have gotten flamed for Necro’ing it as it is over 5 months old.


Why won’t people ever appreciate the bunny???

I supply this forums with endless giffing!


Nothing wrong with showing a little appreciation.

I’m naturally suspicious of anyone with green type but I have had some good interactions with him, and I would say that this forum is better because of him.

Especially considering how little contact we get from actual blues.


Well, I appreciate you, MagyTheMage.

There are not many on the workshop building cool stuff, so I appreciate you :slight_smile:


Who is WyomingMist? :stuck_out_tongue: The reason why my second part of my BattleTag is spelled with a “y” is because it is a reference to my old days of playing Pokemon, where I commonly went by the internet alias “Mysterious Trainer”.

“Never see the world for what it appears to be, dare to see it for what it could be.” - Dr. Harold Winston

Yep there is, I have a majority of my comments there about me.

I appreciate everyone’s passion in our community including those.

I have one alternate account. It is PȐŎĴĔƇŦƘĐ. It has never seen a single game of quick play as I use it for specific testing of Overwatch’s features in custom games primarily. I also use it here on the forums to test forum features as a Trust Level 1 user.

And that is important for a healthy community. Most of my opinions mirror that of the current standing policies of the game itself, but that is because I document and learn everything I can about the game.

Posts like this are technically acceptable, its harassment (click here) that is unacceptable.

Personal thoughts

I really do appreciate everyone who takes time to thank me for my efforts. I think it is important to say here that each of you have the power to make a difference in the Overwatch community. I myself will find ways to participate in the Overwatch community that truly allows me to have the best possible experience both for myself and others. The last couple of months have been rough for me outside of Overwatch, so being able to come to a game and a community where I can feel welcomed means a lot to me.


If you’re going to appreciate someone at least write their name right.


Please don’t make appreciation threads. They are the Reddit equivalent of karma farming and are extremely low quality topics.

That said, he’s a cool guy.


These kinds of topic are cringy as hell.