The Whats, Whys, and Hows of the Overwatch Priority Pass

The Whats, Whys, and Hows of the Overwatch Priority Pass

Learn more about the Priority Pass feature now testing on the PTR from principal game designer Scott Mercer.

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“The question also often raised by players is: shouldn’t you just make Tanks and Supports more fun or more powerful? And, to be honest, they’re really powerful, and people have a lot of fun. It’s just a matter of preference and taste.”

The very fact that you have now invested 2 SYSTEMS to alleviate DPS queues is a direct slap in the face to that line of thinking Jeff. Might actually achieve your goal by acknowledging what people are frustrated with instead of just saying “no, the players are wrong”…again. Just putting that out there.


facts jeff kaplan


It’s great to get some information on this system.

Agree! A lot of people have argued that we should just increase tanks’ power level - this however will not solve the queue times.


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I mean, isn’t isn’t wrong. I just hate tanking and support is ok. I just really enjoy Junkrat.


Lol group priority kinda broken ngl

or throwing flashbangs into deflect

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Nice to see you stalking and harassing me on the forums.


Ok legit shotouts to the overwatch team for posting answers and not leaving us to figure it out ourselves


This was written by Scott Mercer, not Jeff…

And that’s fine, it is not however an excuse to just shrug off diminishing numbers of players in both the tank and support roles because on a monthly basis their options for who they are allowed to play just to have fun gets reduced or fundamentally changed.


More important that the guy in charge takes responsibility for this line of thinking which simply doesn’t reflect player feedback for tank and support.

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Both things can be true you know…

Tanks/supports can be “fun” and STILL not be preferred over dps classes


“And, to be honest, they’re really powerful, and people have a lot of fun.”

Deep, resigned sigh.


I would play Roadhog because he’s fun but then I risk being reported because I’m not picking a shield tank or the meta tanks. I don’t bother playing tank.

This is just as much the communities fault as it is Blizzards.


Will there be a punishment system in place for when players just AFK on tank and support to gain these “DPS priority”??


Did only one read through, but here’s an idea, someone duos right, one queues the affected role, the other queues dps, right, Unlimited Priority Passes, you switch every few matches, even if you lose every match you still get one(pretty sure) allowing you to switch every other match even if you lose and it equals= unlimited priority for the whole team.

Not really. What he said is simply true. Tanks and supports are both powerful, and I know plenty of people who love each. Simply being less popular overall does not indicate a flaw in the role itself.

This concept is true in other games that have tank/healer roles as well, and the concept can even be applied to real life. There exist jobs that some people find fun to do but a larger percentage of people simply find unappealing. There are math freaks who love being accountants but to the average person they’d want to drown themselves due to the boredom.

Unpopular is not the same as bad.


Its a meta mostly dictated by blizzard and their private discord of insanely biased people. YOU should be allowed to play Roadhog without feeling like you’re throwing. That should be the case for all heroes in all roles, its very clearly not the case for all heroes at all ranks.

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