The way you guys are treating the developers is beyond sickening

Mods clearly haven’t been doing that. But that’s besides the point.

He made a post here, and now YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit have eaten up and spit it back at them. Their reputation is getting actively ruined because of two or three posts on the forums. He could be potentially at risk of losing his job now, and as such, I don’t see him posting here much more.

Why would he lose his job if he’s just echoing whatever the dev team chooses to believe? He’s in the dev team too.

But his posts proved that the balance team especially is out of touch with this game and this game’s awful balance is why we’re bleeding players left and right. They choose to ignore feedback as per usual and deny powercreep has happened and heroes are balanced and fine, while having massive double standards at the same time.

It is no wonder people are memeing about it now. This game is honestly doomed, no new shiny expansion OW2 is going to save it. Personally I’m just tired of joke balancing, I’d like to play a good game because OW at it’s core is still an excellent game, just ruined majorly.


Say it with me: Listening is not the same as agreeing.

He didn’t, though. Quite literally the opposite.

Didn’t say they are balanced and fine either, just that they aren’t as bad as people think they are.

Well yeah obviously. A good portion of the community is a hive mind with extremely poor comprehension skills.


Gotta admit, props to Josh for actually being willing to come back to this dumpster fire and clarify what he meant not just once, but twice.

Like, this is exactly why they stopped talking to us 3 years ago. People don’t know what they’re talking about, and certainly don’t know how to respectfully disagree.


I don’t think he need berated, but he clearly isn’t listening to us at all. Basically is saying what we are ll experiencing doesn’t exist.


Just because you seem to have missed it.


He says healing creep exist and then he says power creep doesn’t really exist. =)

I’ve read it just fine thanks.


Honestly, it isn’t worth the effort.

I think enough of us actively shows appreciation to the devs. They know some of us show the <3

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What I’m saying is if we want them to listen, then we need to actually give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Making a meme out of them and calling them ‘retarded’ will do the opposite, and they’ll just assume the community isn’t going to like anything.

Idk how people are reading this like he said powercreep exits. He clearly doesn’t see it as a problem. He is wrong


He basically said our problem didn’t exist.
They are ignoring the constructive criticism. Again, I wish him no cyberbullying, but they just don’t care about our opinions.


What’s happened today might have sounded the death toll for this game. No its not dead but officially there is now NO trust from most of the community that the current balance team can save the game. OW is in decline, that can’t be debated. But the fact that the devs can essentially be this stubborn about denying that reality is a VERY telling sign of the future…or lack of one. Which sucks because I really love this game, I just sincerely believe its being taken care of by the wrong people.


I still trust them, to a degree of course. I don’t agree with all of their decisions, but most so far.

If this is what made that portion of the community lose their trust, then their trust isn’t even worth having :smile:

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Well unlike you, I’d prefer for this game not to die due to a mass leaving of players out of frustration with the devs apparent disregard for the health of the game.


The more mindless children that leave the better the community and thus game tbh


I’m not just imagining that he literally said increase in healing power has happened, but 4 healers have been nerfed in terms of healing per second by a fair amount. Main healers too.

Meanwhile we have Hanzo who since rework has been doing 4k more damage on average (from 12k dmg to 16k dmg) and we have main tank (one with a barrier) that does over twice the amount of damage as Reinhardt, the OG main tank.

And finally we have soldier who’s in a far better state ability wise than during season 3 after which he was nerfed for being too powerful, but who’s now not picked almost at all in GM for being too weak. Screw winrates, people don’t pick overall weak heroes. And genji who used to be a strong hero feared across all ranks but who’s nowdays just a bladebot.

If they want this game to survive, they’re gonna have to start sounding like they know what they’re talking about. Because they got Overwatch 2 and they need an actual playerbase for that and not just a dumpster fire they left behind.

I’d love for this game to be good. But gutting heroes left and right for no reason only to give them joke buffs half a year later or worse, leaving them down to rot and pretending everything in this game isn’t on fire isn’t helping this game become good or making the sequel sound enticing.


Every time a developer comes onto the forums, we have this conversation. It’s beyond sad and should not be this way.


If the community shrinks down to a point where keeping servers open and updating with content isn’t financially viable that becomes a problem for all of us that stay. Because at that point any issues that remain are there to stay for good.


I find it sad that they justify their toxicity towards the devs and blizzard in general.

No, you’re not allowed to be a d-bag just because you’re frustrated.