The way forced winrate is enforced

At least it sounds like the team realizes the problem is trying to fix it.

Till then, I’m just messing around in “competitive”

i play for hours or a day only to end up with the same sr. or one more or less sr. other days its better i make 100 or so sr to the good. other days i lose 100 sr to the bad.

its good not to play when your full or tired. give half an hour or so between games that are a win, put overwatch away for this time, and the next game is more likely to have good team mates = more sr.

The game is fine/ good. The MMR is perfect, it tries to paired you with same skill’s players.

What is a shii… are us players. Those that are smurfing, boosted,boosting, throwing-deranking.

If you doing something wrong. Most low Elo farm gold medals and blame their teammates. Their common mistake is not playing as team.

Example: if you managed to get 70 kills. What you might call a next hard game, really would be a fair game. You will be eligible to fight a smurf who has gotten 70 kills too. So don’t farm medals. Play as team, if you so good kill the bastion and turrets for your team. Protect your team.

Topic creator said he got 4 dps next game. I won a game with 6 in bronze on ps4. Example if you get 6 players who are main tank, and they are being flexible and fit to play a 2-2-2; but your team is playing their mains 6dps main. You are likely to win. 2-2-2 isn’t a prefect comp, you have to switch, adapt and counter that is Overwatch. So be flexible and play as team. Deceive the system. So you won’t be getting too hard games.

You cannot compare running 6dps in Bronze to running 6 DPS in gold. Not happening. I main healer and having a proper meta allows the healers to get the most value. And when Im at the Hero select screen and I get a Roadhog and 4 DPS, it’s a GG because my value I can contribute is cut in half as well as having to solo heal extremely needy DPS. The skill level to overcome that defecit is Grand Master territory. Imagine a normal game I output approx 11k healing. Now double that output in extremely less then ideal conditions. Not happening. One game I was killing it with a stupid meta and put out 17k healing with 15 sleeps…still lost.

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There is no forced winrate. You climb until you can’t carry your own weight, and then you hover around the same area. Sometimes you get carried past where you should be, and then you fall. Sometimes you get unlucky, and then you climb.


Here is an alternative explanation for the phenomenon that you have experienced.

Force it harder, Jeff


master tier? i’m diamond, and I can’t get 93% win rate that’s crazy

He has a total of 43 games played in comp…He is either a smurf or playing in a group.


There is no forced winrate my dude, if you cant climb or are stuck in a certain SR congratz! You found your skill rating!

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I just find it very odd, how one game I’ll get teammates that seem like they are blind, and holding the controller backwards. Then another game a solid team, who works together and we wipe the floor with them. I don’t understand why it is so drastic one way or the other, why can’t they find a medium ground here? Maybe the can, and do, but from my experience it is far from it.


My high is 3250, so not a smurf :stuck_out_tongue:
I did placements in a group, but otherwise solo, usually swap to alts for duo+

edit: hit 2900, down to 2800. Winrate is now 86.05% since I’m getting close to Diamond again. So don’t worry, i’m gonna start losing more now lmao.

double edit: before questions of ‘how did you go from 3000 to 2500?’
i uh. did the mistake of trying to main Genji. did not go well. Lets just say last season I learned that I cannot play Genji above gold :stuck_out_tongue:


Ancient proverb says, “If you have 6 DPS, you must be DPS”.

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I just had a string of games where there was a leaver on 1 team or another for litterly 6 games straight. The leavers alternated each team on every match. This is getting ridiculous.


Also, is it me or is it always the players who never took time to improve and climb that think forced losses and etc. exist

While all the players who did take that time to improve and actually climb are the ones who realize that there is no forced anything


Its not just you. In the first 2 seasons that i ever played (10 and 11) I thought that the system was keeping me in silver. Then in season 12 I started to try and improve myself. And look at me now. Im in low plat and climbing! People just dont want to admit that they arent the “top 500 pro players” that they thought.


That sounds inconvenient and I truly feel bad that it happens but the only way to climb is improving personal play. It’s a broken record piece of advice but it works XD. Here’s to hoping you get better RNG :beer:

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Here is a list of my last 7 matches

  1. 4dps 2 healers LOSE
    2)enemy team leaver match canceled
    3)2-2-2 at begining ,Tanks tilt stating DPS isnt getting kills, they go dps for a 4-2 comp LOSE
    4)2-2-2 Win (Beat my all time healing record at 19k)
    5)2-2-2 Leaver mid match LOSE
    6)2-3-1 Enemy team leaver match canceled
    7)2-2-2 DC midmatch to lose second point on defense.Comes back, Phara on attack into a Soldier and Pocketed Bastion, refuses to switch LOSE (Hanamura).

So what are you saying, all of those people are on Blizzard’s payroll and hired specifically to make you lose?

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4 out of 7 games a leaver or a disconnect? that’s just unlucky. What’re you saying in team chat to get all of these people to leave huh? :smiley: