The toxicity of overwatch. Why Samito hasn’t been banned yet

I’m just coming back into the scene after around 4 years away but last I checked, “throwing” and “intentionally sabotaging” and “smurfing” were bannable offenses. However, every single day Samito streams, I tune in for 5 min and he’s always belittling his team for not coddling him, ultimately ending with him playing torb, hanzo, or soj (always under 9k damage when ending on soj.) However during these games, sprinkled in are literal confessions of throwing and ruining the game for others, phrases such as, “this game is unwinnable,” “these kids don’t deserve to win (proceeds to stand in spawn and only moves when prompted about being kicked,)” “how can the t500 player on a masters account be the issue,” just to name a few.

So to summarize, a player who promotes abusive game chat (muting to insult someone is still promoting said that abuse), a player who constantly throws games, does not face any repercussions. Wait I just got in contact with a data miner and there’s a hidden clause in the OW2 terms: The Samito Clause: “if a person on your team doesn’t play the game for the soul purpose of coddling you the player, you have every right to sabotage said game.”

Someone said this in the comment and I think it encapsulates my thoughts perfectly. XQC got banned a while back and I think that’s where I got the idea that blizzard is on top of their terms and conditions. XQC actually did get banned for abusive chat but Samito is doing the same thing and doesn’t face a lick of responsibility (if you wanna say Samito mutes before ripping, that’s like ur friend group making fun of u behind ur back but u think the friends are justified because they’re not talking smack to ur face.)


Just ignore him. It’s not worth getting so worked up about.


Cuz hes a streamer I guess


Ook. Don’t worry, I type really fast, that message took like 5 min. I’m just a casual so ig I see a clown in the community and I’m just beating a dead horse. Ic ic.


I’m of the mind that ignoring him or anyone doing it is basically allowing the community to get worse. So, how about no.


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It’s an issue with the streaming community in general that I feel needs to be dealt with by their respective streaming platforms.

The issue isn’t their behavior in a vacuum. It is an issue, but their behavior only needs to be punished by the extent to what they do in game. No, the biggest issue is the behavior and attitudes they promote to their audience.

I don’t know enough about Samito to know if the specifics of this post are true, so I won’t comment about him. But this behavior is true of other streamers, some of which have far larger audiences than he does. The negative influence they have in the community cannot be understated and it needs to change.

It is an issue specifically when streamers do it because they’re signaling to their audience that “hey, it’s okay to act like this”

A lot of people have para social relationships with content creators, especially streamers, and view them as role models.


Well not specifically aimed at the person in the title

but any popular OW streamer who constantly abuses their team on a regular basis should be made an example of


Because then what will poor streamer do to supplement his income :disappointed_relieved:

Oh boy. If Blizzard was actually banning for smurfing there wouldn’t be a single OW streamer left :joy:


Even the employees of Blizzard are toxic, so I’m not sure there’s much hope. This game attracts the toxic people. You can go out there and find other toxic gamers, but not nearly so much as you can in Blizzard games.

Samito is more representative of the player base of Overwatch.

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I’m not here to tell you what to think or if something I say is even true if you havnt seen it in ur own eyes. From my experience whenever I tune in to his streams, I never leave happy, or even content. Other streamers such as wanted. I watch Wanted and it makes me want to hop on and play. But whenever I watch Samito, his negative mindset always just leaves me feeling irritated.

Yeah… I saw his stream once, for a 5 minutes… It was the most wasted 5 minutes of my life… And I did pretty dumb crap in the past.

But, there are more streamers like that out there and no one bans them. Because toxic people want to watch toxicity from high ranked players, so they feel justified in their own toxicity when they play.

Not all of them, but some are. True…


You’re giving the attention he wants…

It’s clear blizzard enjoys working with him and there’s nothing we can do to stop that. Best to just never mention him but for some reason you just want to keep discussing him?

Believe me, I don’t think he should have any of the creator discord perks or any more contact with devs than your average joe but again, we can’t do anything.

Lol maybe I’m just not that big of a gamer. It makes sense if this was the case. I never knew

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Absolutely this.
Most streamers are ok but a lot of big streamers’ “character” is raging at the game.


Why care he isnt in your games if he report him if he isnt move on not your problem

Avrl made a tweet mocking Mercy mains not so long ago…

And they mocked Mercy players on OWL official stream… So yeah, that is the signal that is comming from people that are working for Blizzard. That it is ok to be toxic.


The thing is, that’s what gets views. The audience dictates what the behavior is, not the streamer. As long as they love watching it, it will continue to be a thing.

Then I really have to ask, WHY do you keep watching? You kids confuse me so much

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