The Top 500 Icon

Me and my friends have been playing a lot of competetive recently and i managed to get into the top 500. Though only my friends got the shiny icon when all of us didn’t end in the top 500. Is there something i missed or can you help me get it.

You don’t get the icon until that competitive season ends and you actually need to stay in Top 500 to get it.

my friends got it and they didn’t finish in the top 500
last season*

Did you friend get top 500 in season 1-3 by any chance?

No it was last season

Weird then I don’t know

Thank you for your time anyway

You need 50 games played in the comp mode to be able to get it

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with sms protect on too

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its either the sms protect or he got the icon for another mode (like open q arcade or lucioball or whatever) because you usually have to end the season in t500 to get it

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