The time has come . Get ready

           The time has come . Ow is finally starting to die and I can't belive it . 

           When it was launched , it was the best game ever , at least for me . But things start to get dirty because of BAD people and here is the proof : 

          - The forum is full of hate and full of posts that say that Mercy needs a buff or a nerf , but those are "cry posts" [ as I like to call them ]  . There are just Mercy mains that can't climb the rank now , because they can't hide and rez the whole team . So? since they can't heal at all , they are useless . So what did they do ? They started trash talking and crying like [ LITERALLY ] babies : "  *crying* if you do not buff Mercy I will leave the game and this ***** community ! " 

          This kind of behaviour should be ignored .

          And  let me remind you that this game is a Shooter with 27 [ I don't know if i'm correct ] heroes . You can't balance them PERFECTLY .

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the hide and seek mercy sr boosting was removed before 5 man rez was removed.
so your whole argument is essentially flawed.

But i will agree bad players/bad forum go-ers caused the game to drop off a lot.

Like the roadhog nerf. That was caused by extensive forum whining even though he’s only strong against lower ranked players. The game hsouldnt be “baby’s first fps” game and balanced that way.

Should be a pro game balanced in a professional direction.

the reason I bring up the roadhog nerf is because imo, this was the start of the downfall of overwatch in my eyes.
This is when blizzard started to become unreasonable in my eyes.


Delete your account.

yeah thx i will <3 <3

It’s lovely how it only talks about mercy mains and not the toxicity over all. But to link it here

Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State

Does this sound like a Mercy main who can’t climb?

And as said before, hide & res SR exploit was fixed so after that it wasn’t a way to clim faster.

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btw, updated my post. Hope you read it.




also, the “this game is a shooter”.

yeah its a shooter. And imo, brig and doomfist should be reworked to be actual shooters so their abilities arent OP simply to make up for the fact that they’re bad at range.
because right now they’re the biggest causes of trouble for the game.

If you nerf these heroes in any way similar to their shooting counter parts.
Mccree’s flash bang, brig’s shield bash and rein’s charge and doomfist’s one shot ability.

Both of their shooting counter parts have these abilities at 10 seconds.
If you put brig and doomfist’s abilties on 10 seconds then they’re F-tier.
But yet their abilities are very similar. Whats lacking is the fact that they have no gun to protect them at a distance.

Thats why I stated multiple times that they should be reworked.

Doom definitely needs a rework. Brig can probably deal with a damage nerf to most of her abilities and made into a front line healer.
This would make her heal more cus more wacks are possible now. This would prioritize healing over kills simply because she cannot do kills, but at that point she should be given some mobility compensation. And i’ll be fine with that tbh. And probably also a nerf to her shield. Probably slower recharge rate.

but as of right now, the game cannot be balanced with these characters as they are right now.

either delete them or rework them.

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Yeah , ur right , I’m out-smarted

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Is this the other way to compensate for the 20 char limits?

You can put them between “<“ and “>”.

As for your post, my god it hurts to read on mobile, but what you say is true.

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Fix the first post. Impossible to read. I am tempted to flag you.

yea, hope I pointed out some stuff and helped you learn.

Also, seagull said in his new vid that blizz does have a discord where the OWL players can produce insight on the game and opinions and such.

So the devs ARE trying to listen to pros more than casuals but the devs still want the game to be like an introductory shooter and not hard core skill based which inevitably will hurt the game in the long run and we’re starting to feel the effects of blizzards “baby’s first game” mentality that its trying to produce.

and because of this, I dont think the game will last a few more years. I think it’ll either die this year, or two years from now due to the trip A shooters that were released at E3.

Especially Smash coming up. That’ll draw away a lot of players. especially teh younger audience.
The mid audience will probably go to the new halo game because halo has always been known for its balance.

So yeah, blizz needs to pick a good direction. Stick to it. Revert all the “baby” nerfs. Or make more, depending on what they’re trying to do. And if they’re gonna do “baby’s first fps game.” then it should be like Fortnite. Simple but have depth.
But if its going to be complex and have depth then it should appeal to an older audience. Essentially teenagers or adults. Then that means updates should be quicker and not once a month. the PTR should be more utilized. and blizzard should communicate more.
But i dont think blizzard will do the latter.

But I do have some faith in the game and it lies in Hammond. If he gets nerfed in any way at this point, i’ll declare the game dead in my eyes and move on.

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Why did you put all of this in the code box. What’s wrong with you?

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