The system makes absolutely no sense

Why isn’t there periodic mmr reset? Why is your current rank based on previous seasons as well? Is it this set up this way to sell new accounts?


I explain exactly that in another forum
People still buying the game even with all problems it has so why should they fix it?

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Because all the cheaters that were banned had no impact in people’s placement…oh wait… :rofl:

This system is a joke to keep you grinding.

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Because player skill doesn’t reset periodically.

If you truly believe you’re a better (or worse) player than the system says go ahead and buy a new account, but most people just end up in the same place.

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Then by your logic, there is no point for anyone to play at all.


Play to get better - you’ll never learn the skills you need to rank up if you don’t practice. Or just play because you have fun. It is a game after all