The sweat you need to put in to get out of low ranks

I think you are talking about a diamond player smurfing on a silver account. Then obviously that team with a smurf would have an advantage. I am talking about when you queue as a diamond and still get a silver lobby (and yes it can actually happen although gold lobbies are more common). It usually means a few of your teammates are bronze to lower the average, and/or the enemy team has a smurf or two to counter your impact.

These are the type of games where you are expected to move heaven and earth to carry your team to victory. And also the type I almost always lose because I just want to get put in a high/plat low diamond game where I can play with my peers who earned the same rank as me. Sometimes you can be the best player in the lobby by a wide margin but you still lost because the matchmaker expected you to go 60-0 instead of 50-5.


Oh, didn’t you know GTG? According to the mouthbreathing ‘gitgud’ cretins who occupy this forum, you simply aren’t deserving of diamond, because if you were, you would’ve effortlessly carried those silvers to victory.

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It isn’t that hard to climb from bronze to silver. I did it in just a couple of hours on my alt account as support. It was weird though, because I was stuck in bronze 4 for the longest time and all of a sudden, the game made me jump from bronze 2 to silver 2 (or it was from bronze 4 to silver 4, I can’t remember). Either way, I managed to climb 1 whole tier in less than 5 hours.

Climbing from silver to gold might be a bit harder. I remember it took me a really long time to finally reach gold back in OW1 on my main account. Because of this weird ranking system, it’s now almost impossible to derank to silver now that I’ve reached gold.

I don’t think it’s because I’m just better, I think the game just doesn’t want me to derank to silver because it thinks I belong in gold (or higher) based on my MMR. Even if I get unlucky games and derank a little, the matchmaker compensates by giving me free wins to climb me back to where I was before. I guess this is both a good and bad system to have depending on how you look at it.

TL;DR - I feel like climbing is an illusion. The game has more control over deciding whether you’ll climb or not based on your MMR.

The other big factor is matches played each season as naturally the more data Beter defines your intended rank. MY issue with lack of climb in fact going backwards is not due to skill as much as I cant even get a match. even if I dedicate 1-2 hours per day. the wait times as so pathetic now since S3 where I could easy do more than 100+ games in that daylie window. now Id be lucky if I get 1 match without a 20min or more wait. in ALL Roles as Bronze 5. S3 I ended on B1 looking to break into silver but the games just dried up. last season I didn’t complete a single card I think I got a much as 7 games played all season. this season is looking no different, with me queuing now for sh!ts and giggles. I don’t think ill get enough matches to fill my card, or rather 15 total.

I just don’t have the time or patience to wait that long for a match in the lowest ranks in the game.
what region you ask, OCE, which is in Americas, but it just shunts me into a clearly dead region. I’ve been asking for the option to fine tune selection so I can at least play in actual NA servers, id even take the Ping lost from 40ms to 170-200ms just to get a bloody game.
No I’m not getting a VPN frankly I should not have to nor should anyone spend extra money just to play the game.
I have no idea what it would take to know that even the chimps that work here respond or acknowledge. As a new person to the game they (the company) really consider us garbage and a source of chump change, Its seems to be this is just a game for veterans now who have had the time and now sunk cost fallacy is just keeping them here.

Plat rank here let me join

Isn’t is literally impossible for a bronze to be queued with a diamond lol? It’s 1000sr isn’t it?

Neither Silvers or Gold players are common to land in games with and against Diamonds.
Though, neither of this matters, because even if this very rare occurence happens—it’s MMR based matchmaking.

Swanky this is not the first person in the forums saying they are hard stuck on their main account yet ranked much higher on an alt account. The matchmaking and ranking is broken that is the consistent complaint. The real question is, is this poor design or by design.


Surely if you win more than you lose you should climb no? so why are so many people with a higher win rate still hard stuck in their tier?

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Yes and the entire time you would be at the wrong rank → i.e. your rank label is constantly wrong, until it’s right.

Every “time to rank up” session looks like this:

  • Initial entry into the pool: 12 minute queues into cancels into ez stomp game or two.
  • Obvious hidden mmr rigging kicks in: game dials-in a bunch of players who are actually not bronze: alts, smurfs, stacks vs. solos to offset mmr deltas, etc.
  • Game is so completely dead and lowpop it just recycles those players back/forth and your winrate drops because it’s pseudo-wintrading, with your signal pronouncing itself above the noise.
  • You go slightly positive winrate and don’t rank up. As many have mentioned, things like 5-1 or 5-2 just aren’t enough and the grind repeats.

That’s an entirely fake/rigged/dedgaem experience. It arrests your stomp/climb so quickly, because low ranks are filled with burners more than they’re filled with actual bads. Do you really think someone with 40 golden guns (on their main) is a bottom 0.01% player? They provably can’t be, because of the sheer number of wins and playtime. By definition a bottom 0.01% player has almost no exposure to pc gaming, fps skills, let alone ow and all it’s tech.

If I write an IQ test, I want my score right away. I don’t want any additional grind and/or forced engagement and churn, as per the handicapping and rigging they have patented ™.


I know, however will paint you a more clearer picture.

Please read the other posts he and i made to fully understand the discussion.

People are getting boosted or denied any advancements in rank because of this. Whoever made this matchmaking should be fired.