The sweat you need to put in to get out of low ranks

During the first 6 seasons of Ow 2 I started getting some numbers, in order to understand how bad the matchmaking and rank progression is. An now, I think we can draw the line and conclude that… it’s really bad.

In Ow1 I haven’t played comp much, I didn’t feel prepared for the sweat. Been playing a few games every season for fun, and at the end of Ow 1, I was high bronze.

In Ow2 I started playing Comp on a daily basis. QP was trash, arcade wasn’t fun, the events were boring, so I choose to play Comp because I felt the games where more serious with less leavers.

Long story short, here are the stats:

Season 1:

Start of the season: Bronze 5
Season high: Silver 2
End Season: Silver 3

Games played: 215
Win rate: 56%

Season 2:

Start of season: Bronze 5
Season High: Silver 2
Final: Silver 2

Games Played: 403
Win rate: 46%

Season 3:
Start of Season: Bronze 4
Season high: Bronze 2
Final: Bronze 4

Games played: 389
Win rate: 46%

Season 4:

Start of Season: Bronze 5
Season high: Bronze 2
Final: Bronze 4

Games played: 359
Win rate: 50%

Season 5:
Start of season: Bronze 5
Season high: Silver 4
Final: Silver 4

Games played: 163
Win rate: 55%

Season 6:
Season Start: Silver 4
Season high: Gold 3
Final: TBD

Games played: 48
Win rate: 72%

If this isn’t weird, I don’t know what is.

How comes that in Season 2, with a 46% win rate I managed to climb from Bronze 5 to Silver 2, but in Season 4, with a 50% wining rate, I climbed only from B5 to B4?

And how comes that in Season 6 I have a 72% win rate, when in the rest of the seasons I had a 46-56% win rate?

Nothing changed in may gameplay. I wasn’t coached, I didn’t give my account to anybody. It’s a very old account, and mine since the beginning. In the meantime, I have an alt where I play in GM lobbies. I am the same person. I have the same skills, I haven’t improved much, and I play only solo. If someone can explain, I will be very glad to hear the reasons why numbers are so weird.

And no, I don’t believe it’s luck. The only difference I made was to stop playing Comp in the first and last 2 weeks of the season, while being in low ranks, because the lobbies were full of smurfs and throwers. And I see them in Gold too, but somehow I manage to win if there is only one thrower in my team. In bronze or silver that was impossible.

So, this is the proof that the system doesn’t care about your skills, and it’s not skill issue. It’s just about wins and loses. And some weird algorithm I can’t fully understand.


Other people also got better at the game.

If you play anything other then tank most likely you are just countering tank none stop and winning because of tanks being in a very bad spot this season.

Other reasons are simply you learned how to overcome the difficulties in that rank or what held you back or play better with your teammates.

There is no way you have a alt account in GM and you are stuck in bronze or gold.
First off you never played ranked in ow1 so how would you even get GM on one account in ow2 and not rank up on your main when you are essentially smurfing. The smurfing detection will have already by default pushed you out of those ranks if you are actually GM because it recognise the mmr does not belong in gold etc.

How do you presume people have a good answer when you don’t even tell the truth about you not getting to GM yourself on your alt account. There is just no way you stay in gold or below if you are GM.

I would absolutely rank up super easily when i would play in gold as a diamond tank or support.
Whenever i play against a full gold lobby in quickplay for example i absolutely dominate. I even dominate on plat 3 dps when i get put in a gold 2 game and there is literally nothing they can do about it.


I don’t even watch the tank most games lmao. I play support. My main focus is the other supports (even if I know that’s not my job). When I play dps, I just shoot the tank when he has no supports around so I can grind my ult faster. Either way, I always focus the support first, then the dps, and tank last.

I wish that was true. If you put me right now in a B5 lobby, I would lose. As I said above, those were the hardest games I ever played.

That alt account doesn’t have a rank. I played in season 4 and 5 a few games only, not enough to get beyond placements. If u read carefully, u’ll see that I said that I play in GM Lobbies, not that I am GM. I don’t want to have placements there, it’s too much fun to play in high lobbies than in low ones.

Also, about QP, on my main, when I play against diamonds or above in QP, I always win. QP has nothing to do with Comp. People play just for fun and it’s easy to win against other players if you sweat a little.

And I am not a smurf. I can’t be a smurf if in low lobbies I lose even if I do my best. I never throwed a game in my entire life, and I am not planing to do that.

Read again. I played rank in Ow1. Just not that much and just for fun.

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You’re going to have to explain this a little if you want buy in… like how do you know if it’s GM? Does the lobby avg say GM? Are the folks in the lobbies GM on the role they signed up for?

Other than that I fully agree.

20 characters…

So why did you say this:

That implies you play in gm. Otherwise you won’t get consistent gm lobbies today.
Also im 100% certain if you played in GM lobbies you would get destroyed.

Because earlier when matchmaker was tragic i would get pulled into gm lobbies as support, would roll out on zen and get immediately oneclipped.
The speed increase of gm lobbies vs mid diamond lobbies is insane. Let alone vs ranks below that. If you don’t play in the correct spot as support you will die on cooldown.

And the sole reason i would actually have a chance of winning these was because i would be duoed with my brother on support who is nearly masters and has excellent positioning and we have good synergy and understanding of what the other needs or is going to do. I would just play to live on and peel for us kiriko for example or brig and keep us alive while he supported the other teammates. We got put into gm games 6 times and won 4 of them. And yes they where actually gm games because everyone else would be gm with open profile and the lobby would say gm 5/4/3.

We had gm1 dps for example in 3 of those games.

I highly doubt these are gm games you talk about. Because you will not be able to keep up with the speed of the game and have the perfect positioning needed to survive because otherwise you simply wouldn’t be in the rank you play at.

Just yesterday i completed my support card, went 5-3 while i was diamond 4 50% better than diamond 4 players.
You know what happend with my 5-3 score on my card?
I ranked up to diamond 3 60% better. Because the game recognised that i played like a diamond 3 as i have been doing jusy that since the start of ow2.
I have 3 accounts, all of them i am diamond 3 on. One of them i only solo que on and played over 300 games i believe on support since the start of ow2. Always have been diamond 3 or diamond 4 with a heavy loss streak and i have never dipped below diamond 4 50% on support for the entirety of ow2.

Support is currently quite simply the easiest role to climb on. Its the easiest role to carry on. You can stop ults, stop enemy tanks, kill dps or other supports etc, negate basically everything a tank does etc.
So if you play in gm lobbies and don’t die on cooldown you simply wouldn’t be playing in gold or below.

This is simply impossible with what you said before:

So you are saying you played and won less than 10 games of ranked in 2 full seasons yet tell us you play in gm lobbies.

You realize there is mmr decay right? If you play less then 10 games first off, you wouldn’t even be playing in gm lobbies because you would need to be top500 or something similar in mmr to be played in close to diamond ranked lobbies when you first play ranked, you would need to win 4 of those to be close to gm lobbies and maybe if you played very well hit gm lobbies in your 5th game.
If you lost that 5th game you wouldn’t be playing in gm lobbies anymore.

At that point you would need to have stopped playing ranked afterwards and then do the exact same thing and better in the next season again within 5 and winning 4 games while your mmr is lower than it was previously because of mmr decay.
Meanwhile you are saying you cannot understand why you cannot rank up in gold or below, yet you have the mmr of a top500 and win 4 games back to back and lose the 5th 2 seasons in a row and never complete your ranked placement on that account while you are supposedly stuck below gold.
Doesn’t add up at all im sorry.

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Higher skill usually means more wins… If you are ‘sweating’ to try and get out of silver, it means you are a silver player slowly improving - most people aren’t in silver, silver games for me are very easy and diamond are very difficult… Almost as if my skill is somewhere in the middle… :wink:

I find it the opposite. The lower the rank of the game it puts me in, the harder a time I have to win especially when the game expects me to carry. I’m not the type who can carry trashcans. My strength comes from teammates who can help me help them.

On the other hand, when I am the lowest rank player in the lobby, I can usually do a decent job of knowing my role and not throwing too hard. As long as the MM doesn’t completely screw me over by putting me in a GM game or something.

Another reason for this is because I feel like I play at a faster “pace” than what is considered normal for my rank. And that tends to make me feed more when my teammates can’t keep up and I find myself often wondering why they are still standing at the choke when I have been around point making space and stalling/distracting majority of the enemy team for the last minute and a half.


epitome : A9DXC0

I am actually willing to bet no shill is going to touch this. But wtf GAME analysis. No1 knows which alt I am on - but will anyone guess what rank this is?

I agree its horrendous. 5 wins and 3 losses kept at the same rank, 5 wins and 8 losses cost me 2 ranks from 1 to 3. How does that even work? its clear the only way to advance is to not lose at all. Unless you can carry every game how do you do that in a “team” game?

are you the soldier on blue team?

You thinking you need to sweat to get out of a certain rank is subjective.

Good luck next season though.

Just as I thought, focus is on the wrong thing. What rank is this?

you didnt think at all, i asked a simple question cause i took the time to watch the match - last time ill waste time on your BS

Silver? Mostly guessing based on the blue team’s Mercy movement.

The issue I want to point out first: The red team’s Ashe is wall hacking as you can clearly see at 10:15. I actually suspected the player earlier in the replay as Hanzo, but on Ashe they inexplicably track the Mercy and try to headshot her twice while the blue team’s Mercy is behind a wall.

Zero doubts on the latter whereas some earlier shots were a bit sus but not 100%.

The other problem is that the opponent’s Mercy is at least high plat or diamond and pretty good with positioning, surviving, and pocketing the DPS. My guess is that this Mercy and cheater are a duo, so I’d be sure to report both.

Edit: By the way, it only took me a view-and-a-half (sped up, etc.) to peg the cheater definitively because this sort of cheating is common.

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It was just a simple jokey question - I appreciate the time you took but then why not guess the rank?

No1 is perfect.

But like op said about the lower ranks being hard, I thought this was a good example. I think the dps on these teams were mis-ranked. Welsh even spotted a mercy I have to go back and check.

The widow came out of nowhere and just started try-Harding killing folks, but no luck cause the team still lost.

Thanks for the guess! The lobby average was higher than silver.

If any hacking accusations I thought it would be the widow! Your throwing me off with the Ashe, cause I thought that Ashe was a solider not a hanzo.

I’ll check that again and blue team mercy.

No wait, you’re right. The hanzo was a different player and he also seemed sus.

All good. I looked at the Ashe, yes the mercy was behind the wall, but I can tell you it seems like they were just missing the Zarya, who was A-Ding.

Anywho… That was a Gold 4 match, but weather the widow was hacking or not - clearly did not belong there, to come out and clear the who team - I was thinking Smurf / hacker / or both.

If you were a diamond player in a silver lobby, you would carry, you are thinking too much into this lol

It’s a team game of course but a diamond DPS would have a field day in silver… Likewise a diamond player in a GM lobby would get destroyed and will nearly always lose unless someone else is carrying them, it really is that straight forward, the MMR isn’t against you lol

Just find 4 people of your skill level + dedication and you would start winning simply by having actual comm’s in game, solo queuing is always a gamble, it’s not Blizzard, it’s just humans in general