The softest precursor to role queue that we definitely need

People can argue all they want about forced 2-2-2 and all that, but I have an even simpler precursor that I think we would all appreciate. (It could even last into 2-2-2 if it becomes a thing.)

Quite simply: Don’t put two people with the same main on the same team.

That’s it. Don’t put multiple people with the most playtime on the who want to play same hero on the same team. No teams with 2 Rein mains, 3 Sym mains, 4 Ashe mains, 6 Mercy mains etc.

NOTE: You’d be able to select your main in your profile. You could list a “top 3” heroes that would show up when your profile is highlighted, public or not.

It’s basic and doesn’t fix everything but it sure would help.

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yeah it sucks blizzard balanced the game around the idea that most people wouldnt be dumb enough to put 100% of there investment into 1 character in a team based game with an emphasis on counter picking enemy team comps.

Sucks that we cant have nice things because modern gamers want to pretend that multiplayer games are really there own solo player adventures.

No MMR is smart enough to handle this, and not have 15 min queues for everyone.

They’ve been over this:

What you’re suggesting isn’t actually locking the players’ roles, but it has the same problem of omitting any player agency and making assumptions about their preferences/history.

It would not solve anything. 90% of my time has been on Tracer recently and she is not in my top 5. And until very recently, Hanzo was my most played on my main (because I mostly play Widow on my alts). So instead of blocking my actual main, it would be blocking Hanzo which is a VERY helpful hero if I want to run Widow.

It sounds good on paper. But just like private profiles, it needs a preference based option. If I intend on playing Tracer, I should be able to select Tracer as my main and block her, not Widow, but I do not care if anyone picks Widow at the moment. Well, that is a lie, I still go Widow on Widow maps offense. Either way, you get my point. We need to choose which hero we consider our mains. There are a lot of Mercy mains that have since dropped her.

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You’re right and I definitely should have clarified this. I’ve always advocated a system where we can publicly display our top 3 “preferred heroes” that would show up when our profile was highlighted, private or not. It would be entirely our selection.

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I don’t want to be locked into Reinhardt every game just because that’s where my playtime is. I’m a flex and mostly play him out of necessity. Then, people assume I want to play him all the time or am a Rein main and get mad when I pick something other than him.

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Edited to clarify that that’s not the case. Besides you wouldn’t be locked into anything. It’s just to avoid having multiple people fight over a hero.

Again it wouldn’t be a role queue in that it doesn’t actually make a comp.

Well, not physically locked in. If I’m the only person in the lobby with significant Reinhardt time, though, I’ll still be more likely to be expected to play that role since nobody else is likely to be able to.