The skins aren’t “Furry”, you’re being dumb


ill use every animal skins just to tilt poeple…
starting by my main lucio (fox is better than frog still)


Furry as well, I’m so going to enjoy annoying people as well.


because frogs don’t have fur


Would it make sense to wear it to a furry convention? Then yeah some people might think it’s furry. Not furry in the sense that the character themselves is a furry… obviously, but it the sense that it’s a costume that maybe only a furry person would wear at particular events. People will think this more so if it’s sexualized.

Zarya looks dressed up as if she’s five going to ski camp. I don’t see it furry at all - just kinda silly. Ana despite being closest to a fur suit probably got passed up because it’s cool looking, owl’s (birds in general) aren’t nearly associated with ‘fur’ stuff, and lore wise works to hide identity. Maybe people are getting triggered about Lucio as a ‘sexy fox’ or something? Foxes are kind of the quintessential fur meme (I guess ponies and horses these days maybe, but foxes are still up there). Or maybe most of the posts about it are entirely satirical.


I love that the Zarya skin has a bear tail! That’s one of the best skins yet.
They should have put Lucio’s tail hair thing on his bum so he had a fox tail instead.

I don’t really care about others thinking badly about them :stuck_out_tongue: What matters is that you like them.


Even Fortnite’s skins are more furry than these lol


I dislike them because they aren’t Winter skins for Heroes I am wanting to see get Winter skins.

I don’t play Lucio or Zarya and just have no expectations for the Heroes I do play actually getting Winter skins.

If that does turn out to be the case I won’t buy boxes at all.


And even IF they were being furry, does it matter?
I don’t understand the hatred of anything anthropomorphic. It’s literally everywhere in society.

Just another “it’s different, which means it’s evil and undesirable” kind of mindset, which is truly the weakest, most pathetic mindset anyone can have.

Let people enjoy what they want as long as they don’t hurt other people. It’s that simple. Anyone who disagrees are people who need to get out more, rather than shelter themselves in their own comfort zone and echo chamber.


I’m just calling them furry skins as compared to the others you mentioned because A) They’re both animal-based outfits on human people, and B) They’re coming out at the same time. And besides, I’m mostly just calling them “furry” as a joke, I actually think they look pretty nice. I’ll still use the Lunar New Year Zarya skin and Bitrate Lúcio, but the new skins look cool too.


I don’t know, but Zenyatta’s skin is pretty nutty.


It’s just the new trend of reacting to everything, nothing new under the table. Some people yell hell and bloody water as soon as something resembles a furry.

Glad I’ve grown up with anthropomorphic cartoons from Disney so my reaction levels aren’t as sensitive.


I don’t dislike them, I call them fur suits because it’s funny, the same way people call Winston a monkey. It’s just funnier and simpler that way. If people don’t like the skin because they remind them of fur suits then that’s kind of their own problem, but I think calling them furry skins is just a meme.


Are you a furry?




The forums blowing crap out of preportion just to be able to complain about something? NO WAY!


Quoting the tweet that announced the Zaeya skin:
Pawsitively fursome.

Calling people dumb for calling something furry because they didn’t care enough to do research on a meme seems kind of childish tbh.


You’ll never unsee it!


Agreed. That’s like a gang member asking you if you’re in a certain gang because you wear blue/red. No idiot, those colors existed well before your stupid “organization”.

The anti-furry people are some of the most irrational, numb-skull, dolts I’ve seen. I’m not even a furry myself and find the anti-furry people way more annoying than furries have ever been…


Well that was needlessly hostile.


This forum amazes me, it’s like everything is a big deal.
I wonder what’s next.