The Settlement - A gaming community

Welcome to the Settlement

Tired of soloqueue?

Want to find other players who also want to rank up? Then consider joining!

All ranks accepted, we have helped golds reach GM (Seems unlikely but its true! We do not directly boost people but through coaching and playing in scrims/pugs we have improved on their strengths and lessened their weaknesses)

The Settlement is a small close-knit gaming community (120+) with a strong focus on a relaxing, positive and friendly gaming experience. Here at the Settlement we play a wide variety of games, ranging from FPS, to Strategy, with our most prominent game being Overwatch. Playing both competitive and casual together on a daily basis.

For those members who have an interest in content creation and streaming, we are happy to offer a variety of text and voice channels as well as places to promote your stream and/or content creation platforms. We believe heavily in supporting one another to reach their goals, big or small!

We welcome players of all ages, provided of course that you’re mature, not easily offended and are genuinely a quality human being. That being said, we have a zero tolerance policy for any ill-mannered, abuse or harassment of any kind.

If you feel this a place you can set your hearth, we all look forward to speaking and gaming with you.

Please if you have any questions, feel free to post below Anorak or TeaBag will assist you.

Anorak (Owner) -

Teabaglol (mod)