The servers just died (EU only)

hey wait a minute i had 5k infront of me now it’s 7k again

Here we go again… every single event this happens and people get upset. It will clear up in a few hours. Chill out.

Also DO NOT PLAY COMP RIGHT NOW. If you do then you’re asking to lose SR from a server crashing.

I just started up the game, so I didn’t experience the first one.

7000 players left. And I’m in Germany. Can’t say I’m DC’ing because I practically just got here.

sooo it seems like it IS only europe?

Toronto Rogers 20 chars

wait i haven’t even logged yet, so not sure why I posted mine. if I have trouble i’ll update this post.

Hey folks, we’re aware of problem that affected PC players in Europe. We’re working on a permanent fix now but the servers are back online. Apologies for the disruption.


its okay we just got a 20k queue to wait for


How about this, we get a lootbox for free :slight_smile:


Still 10k people ahead of me. grumble

“Abandon your game! Log off for your liiiiives!!”


“Return to your games! Prepare for matchmaking!”

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Poland, UPC
It seems to be fine now.

Oh wow, thanks so much for your servers.

10k Queue here.

It already sucks that it was only available at 20pm my time. Having to DL the game for an hour because my 21 MB/s usual was reduced to just a few Bytes. Now in a long queue because server died. That’s one day less of this event I guess. Meh.

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still not working for me

Trying uprising all heroes again… hope I don’t get put in a queue of 7000 people again.

It’s only Europe. Nothing to see here, folks.

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well thanks now I’m stuck in an 10000 queue for eternity -.- wating for half an hour still not dropped…

stuck on 10k queue …

lol from 10 000 to 1000 and it only took 1/2 hour.

After 20 mins of stuck at 10k it dropped to 9k but i restarted because i thought its a big going that slow. Now it’s 10k again yupeeee.