The rework was about removing mass rez


“The rework was about removing mass rez”

Actually, the rework was about making Mercy “more fun to play against” and to remove hiding as an effective strategy… the latter of which was already the case, and is now contradicted with the introduction of Valkyrie, sooo…

The rework was about two goals that were not dependent upon the removal of mass-rez. One is a double standard and, quite frankly, an idiotic goal in a PvP game. The other was already accomplished, but was propped up by an exploitable SR system… and then contradicted by their own changes.

I will believe it when I am told by a reputable source that this is the case.

I will. Once they actually decide to say that they won’t bring back mass-rez.


A small minority did this. The rest of us used Resurrect the way it was intended, to bring back your allies to help keep the fight in your favour, instead of using it to inflate SR (which they already fixed pre rework).


Mercy mains can’t live without their hero being #1 and broken.


Season 3 Mercy mains say hello!


You say this, but Mercy was D-teir in season 5.


Hello Sprinkles…Buddy pall. Hows it going. Time to lay down some hard facts about life, or i can cut to the chase:


Hello! Waves frantically


time to see how this turns out


Not true. 99% did this. Every mercy would constantly tell the team to die on point while she hid during every teamfight, only healing to get rez back and have her team die again. Stop lying and claiming it wasn’t something you and all the others did. You all did it trying to get boosted.


Nice statistics you have there. Did you get them from Overbuff?


I’ve never been boosted. :frowning:


Also to back this up even more.

“I would like to put the notion that Mercy will be reverted to rest.”

Nothing about, Mass Rez is a scrapped ultimate is even in that line either. Don’t say it will never ever make an appearance. They just said they are moving forward. For all we know they could be working on an engaging Mass Rez Mercy rework for all you know.


So… you have never actually played during the time before the Rework it seems…
Or you’re trying to counter a truth with a lie.
Any proof to actually back it up m8?


It was only fine then in the sense that Mercy was underpowered so you were putting yourself at a disadvantage to have it available.

I mean… it says a lot when Overwatch has 3 healers, 2-2-2 was meta, and Mercy was not, everyone ran Lucio/Zen


Did you get yours from overbuff? Btw, the majority of users never used overbuff or other stat sites, which requires a player to look themselves up to be recorded. They’re nearly useless now due to private profiles as well, so even mentioning overbuff shows how little you understand.


78,8% of all anecdotal statistics on forums are made up.


Zen was really bad back then until he got buffs. He was a troll pick back in the day. Mercy never was. She was basically the only primary healer for most of this game’s lifecycle. Lucio was used for speed boost.


The irony is perfect bunny :laughing:


big gulp

Season 3?!


Never forget the decimal James, marketing people have taught me it adds credibility.

Also, I totally have a PhD in forums statistics. You can trust me.