The rework was about removing mass rez

Watch it again…

Get a grasp of the English Language. Disheartening does not equal ‘unfun’.

Both are subjective opinions. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Strange… If that was the case, why would the vocal Mercy mains keep asking to change her back to a time when she was average then?

And don’t lump me in with the “Revert Mercy” people. I know you all like to think every Mercy is the same.

Jesus you are thick.

It’s two drastically different things.

Team wiping with Grav (or any ult) only to have everyone come back is disheartening to the entire team. It is only ‘unfun’ to the person who wasted the ult.

Disheartening is very different from ‘unfun’.

You can balance around motivation. But saying ‘Mercy was fun and now she is not so plz fix’ is in a different league of moronic perception.

For example. They did not nerf Grav+Dragons because it was ‘unfun’, but because playing into a Zarya+Hanzo combo was disheartening and tore away motivation from the team.

Name an ultimate that isn’t disheartening to play against when pulled of successfully…

Both are subjective which you seemingly ignored.

A large amount of people find current Mercy overwhelming. That is very much a huge concern to a game developer as it puts a hinder on sales as no one will want to play a game where characters are considered to be boring.

And you’re not?

Unfun to play against was a common complain. Also, I don’t recall them ever addressing why they nerfed GravDragon. With that in mind, you just decided to make up our own reasons…

Mass rez wasn’t as good as people remember it anyway

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Most people are down for tweaks to it anyway. :man_shrugging:t2:

I didn’t ignore the fact that it is subjective. But disheartening is much more universal than ‘fun’.

Blizz is not really concerned about ‘sales’ at this point. If you don’t have this game, you probably won’t buy it. They want MTX.

Not as thick as you QT.

Just because it was a complaint does not mean you balance around fun. If you don’t recall, I do. You can find it for yourself.

Most ults aren’t meant to be disheartening because you usually get outplayed in some way. Even if you just press ‘Q’, you usually get outplayed in timing and positioning . Mass Rez was not that. And neither was Grav+Dragon. So they made them less disheartening.

Slippery slope fallacy. (I think)

If they are able to give a hero a rework because of a subjective opinion, I don’t see why they can’t rework her again for another subjective opinion.

I’m thicc. :smirk:

Excuse me? This literally makes no sense. Any ultimate in the game is disheartening when used against someone successfully.

This can literally be applied to mass Resurrect. It had boundaries and requirements to pull of successfully.

Again, can you get a quote saying that they changed GravDragon because it was disheartening to play against.

They are not concerned about selling units anymore. If you don’t have OW, you aren’t going to buy OW. It has gone through many cycles of F2P and discounts. How many ‘new’ players do you hear coming to OW? New shooters are coming out in the fall, they will not be looking to sell units against that. If someone ‘new’ does come, great. But that’s no longer the goal since they have already sold some 35 MILLION units. They want MTX at this point. It’s really not SSF.

Everyone gets disheartened by the same things in video games because it deals with motivation. The motivation in OW is to win. If there is a massive roadblock (mass rez, old gravdragon) on your way to winning, you will lose motivation at just the sight of those heroes.

Fun is personal to everyone. I like Valk because the movement is nice and swooping down from the sky is ‘fun’ to me. I see why people hate it and deem it ‘unfun’. But you don’t balance because of that.

The point is, you shouldn’t get disheartened because you got outplayed. Play better next time and you won’t die to the ult. Old GravDragon was disheartening because you got pulled from very far away, and a damageboost on Hanzo meant you couldn’t out heal it.

That COULDN’T be applied to mass rez since you could do it from spawn on Anubis.

I can’t post links. Do your own factcheck if you want I won’t do that for you. That is all.

They are going to start losing players at this point.

You’ve successfully confused me. I’m just going to continue saying what I’ve already said: Every ultimate is disheartening to play against when pulled of successfully.

Not all changes are balance changes. Take notice of the Mercy rework.

People who get outplayed will be disheartened… wtf.

The only thing that counters that combo is Zenyatta’a Transcendance and even then, there are times when that isn’t sufficient enough.

The only thing that can possibly outheals that combo is transcendence.

Why are people under the impression that we want mass Resurrect back with no changes? Oh yeah! To further their garbage argument. Firstly, just stagger the deaths… It’s not an impossible feat. Secondly, what exactly is stopping them from fixing such a feature?

Use the preformatted text command. Also, the burden of proof is on you since you’re the one making the claim.

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Sorry, what? Before invulnerability, Mercy was 100% considered a troll pick. After reading your posts on this thread, I highly doubt you actually played during this time.

Wrong, you mean thicc propably

This is the last one you get friend.

Yeah they will lose players, like every other game. They want money from MTX and Merch/OWL sales.

All changes are for balance in the grand scheme of the game as a whole lol wut.

Something that is disheartening has no counter, old rez, old gravdragon. They had no counter.

You get outplayed if you drop your shield too early and enemy Rein shatters you, or if you get baited out with fire strike. Next time don’t drop early, don’t get baited. It’s not disheartening it’s a learning experience and getting better

If you think 76 has his ult and you have a cc. You try to save it so you don’t get outplayed. If you are Genji playing into McCree, save you reflect so you don’t get outplayed. With Ana try to count ults and save a sleep, outplayed. Keep you hook up so you don’t get outplayed. Keep an eye on the Pharah so she doesn’t sneak up behind and outplay you. Also make sure you click oh her head. I could go on and on about counters and not getting outplayed.

Old Gravgragon = no counter play
Old Mass rez = no counter play

Everything else, if you die, you got outplayed. There are counters.

Now you can out heal with Trans, but you could’t when you could dmg boost hanzo. Even having one counter is a counter.

I’m not under the assumption that you want OG mass rez. I hope nobody wants that. But they have gone too far to bring back an old mechanic just to rework it. I think we are closer to seeing rez completely removed before it goes back to an old, albeit, reworked model.

Disheartening: cause (someone) to lose determination or confidence.
You mean to tell me that it is possible to have fun whilst being disheartened? You need to get a grasp of the English language because clearly, you don’t know what being disheartened means. You can’t have fun while you’re doubting yourself and have lost the drive to do something.

You don’t balance around ‘fun’ you can balance around being disheartened. Just because they go hand in hand does not mean you balance around both. You actually have to completely omit ‘fun’ from the equation.

You get disheartened when you LOSE. You have fun with your favorite hero. They are different.

This isn’t my main account friend, and I’ve been playing since open beta. Perhaps you shouldn’t assume things, let alone use terrible excuses like ‘you have no time on mercy, so you don’t know,’ to try to win arguments you fail at with every other measure.

Proof or I don’t have to believe you. The “this isn’t my main” is way overused.