The Reason why Rein has always been strong

Just finished watching YourOverwatch’s video on 3-2-1, and something that Freedo said made a ton of sense: players instinctively, no matter what, want to deathball.

Players want to clutter together, even if there is no Rein. The problem with this style of play is, the only tank who works with this style is Rein. All the other tanks (except for maybe Orisa) work better when everyone splits up and takes different angles/approaches. This style, when perfected, is more effective, but it’s a lot harder to execute.

Therefore, since players like to clutter together in one giant deathball, then pretty much, your only tank option is Reinhardt. It’s not because he’s strong (though he is strong right now, I will admit it). It’s because he’s the only tank right now that caters to that deathball style of play.


It is a decent point. Maybe that is why I like Orisa (as a teammate). I prefer stability over everything else, pretty much. Rein does not do much for me. I would rather have dive tanks go and actually do something than a Rein just standing there. And I thrive when other people are aggressive, so Hog works well enough. If it were up to me, we would run bunker on defense 24/7 and dive on offense. Rofl. I think both of them more or less mess up deathball on ladder, but that might just be because it is my preference.

Idk, I feel like there are a lot of players that like going solo and doing their own thing. Like they’ve done in CoD for the last 8 years.

This is why I like Sigma too. Everyone can keep up with Sigma.

People prefer to get in a cluster behind a barrier tank that offers a consistent long lasting defensive mechanism.

Rein’s alternatives:

  • Orisa used to be that way, nerfed.
  • Sigma could be used that way, changed and nerfed.

If they wanna discourage it, they should rework Rein then, he’s too powerful at that aspect, specially if you make it a Rush/Deathball with Lucio as we’re seeing in OWL.

Literally because Dive is too difficult for all but the top 10% of players, and Orisa comps are boring compared to Rein comps.

Additionally, at high tier

  • Rein Dva
  • Rein Zarya
  • Rein Orisa
  • Dive stuff

Is a lot more variety than previous metas.

Because the face tanking battle consists at shooting each other’s barriers hoping the other breaks first and something happens before the barriers are back from cooldown.

There’s not that barrier management aspect of Rein’s face tanking, that you drop here and there to fire strike, to charge or to hammer swing, to retreat to regen it or even hold it up to block or bait an earthshatter.

In what world. Dive is the only META composition that I have been a random group and pulled off exactly like it is supposed to work. Probably the easiest META comp that has existed ever.

Apparently these instincts are pretty weak since they don’t work In QP the vast majority of the time.

Kinda depends what you mean by Dive.

I dont have any problem with Rein or the fact that he is META. But take that with a grain of salt, because I main Reaper. So the big unmovable German guy doesnt scare me😎

players want to clutter together because its an objective based game. you have to push the payload or be on point. why else do you think? its not team deathmatch

reinhardt is always been strong because they never nerf him. they literally nerf everything else except for him and zarya. shes also always been meta.

This seems a bit… I don’t know… not true? lol

The number of times I hear players complaining about how “no one groups up or works together” does not make me think players want to instinctively group together.

This is just me… but I think the reason rein is popular is because once you understand him (and with proper support), he’s a shield bot with a hammer. No aim required… move in, take space, conserve siheld, win.

I get what Jeff was talking about in his interview.

This doesn’t blanket every scenario ever. I was never confident enough in my team to attempt GOATS. It takes mad coordination. Dive is, or was, easy.

Zenyatta picks a target and uses Discord Orb.
Tanks, Winston and D.Va, Dive the Discord Orb target.
Target gets melted almost instantly.
Zen picks new target, rinse, repeat.

Just because a group of players can’t wrap their head around that, isn’t my fault.

For context, that video came out during GOATS META, which is miles above Dive in regard to coordination.