The Reason Ramattra will be OP

Battle Pass Sales.

They will purposefully make him OP to get BP sales. This type of thing will just ruin this game to it’s death. It will become almost Pay 2 Win. The people that refuse to buy into the BP will just get owned by the New OP heroes to entice them to purchase.

Remember they are a corporate company only focused on making money. Same reason Kiriko is so Strong. They want people to buy that BP.


You could not buy it and just lose games and piss your teammates off. It’ll get addressed if the game quality starts to suck even more

Doubt it will get “addressed” what will happen though is people will lose rank and you will see a rank separation for those who have an those who don’t.

That’s fine. They can have their rank with their pay-to-win hero. If you buy, you’ll only help them secure their decision to make you pay for new heroes

I want to believe this so much… But lets be honest… The OW management, are kinda bad at their jobs…

Basically everything they have said, has been some talking point they haven’t followed through on… balance, fairness, gonna fix, blah blah blah, there hasn’t been a single things they have actually done, so far. (i can see the content roadmap coming through though)

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That’s true. I want them to give the benefit of the doubt but I feel like I’m wasting my time playing this game, the more I play it

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to be fair, games are to waste time in.

The problem is, there is always some wormed around, soul less corpo ghoul angle to pull that is barely just barely not lying.

It’s not the truth, but some hyper fanboy can always do the ‘well akshually’ meme and be kinda right, while not at the same time.

So no matter what happens, it will never have the actual problem looked at.

Genuine question… How is it pay 2 win? Everyone gets the hero for free if they choose to. Just because someone buys a battle pass doesn’t mean its pay 2 win. They can’t use the hero in comp for a good 2 weeks anyways, which is more than enough time to reach level 55.

Didn’t phrase it as 100% P2W but it is literally on the cusp of it.

Let me explain.
Make new Hero OP → Lock Hero behind the BP.
Yes you can grind for 2-3 weeks or even longer for some and still unlock the hero
OR, you can Pay and get it right away.

What do you think people are going to do in a competitive game where they want to win? They are going to dish out the 10$ to get the new hero and Destroy everyone with it.
Quote from FLATS “I hope the new tank is broken, so I can stomp with it and watch everyone complain, it’s content for me, then after they nerf it I’ll move on to the next one…”

Blizzard is doing this for the sake of greed. Just making unbalanced play. The game will go down hill pretty fast if they keep this up.

Sojourn not being touched also. They are just going to keep making these insanely OP heroes to sell BP’s.