The realistic Roadhog buff

I’m 99% sure they’re giving Roadhog Orisa-style CC resist during take a breather that’s why they’re changing an animation. It’ll help him a ton in the tanking department and be more impactful than you’d think. I doubt they’re giving him a hook/shotgun buff because they don’t want him to one-shot. Enjoy Roadhog as a tank instead of a fat-DPS


i think that is a possibility, i also believe the AOE healing effect for hog is something they would do


That would actually be super interesting.


Why would CC resist during TaB require animation work?

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i actually like that idea, people said that it would make goats too powerful but since goats is taking a massive hit having roadhog aoe heal team mates when he uses take a breather wouldnt suddenly make goats really strong again.

i actually do like the idea and had it ages ago when they were making all the changes to hog(when they buffed take a breather) because it gives roadhog more value in a team fight, makes his take a breather ability more versatile, i would prefer other things change(6 second hook) but i cant see them touching that ability or giving him something that will make him less team focused.

Old Hog still best hog. I miss 225 damage.


People will play him as a Support and work him into GOATs comp. Maybe replacing Brigitte or Moira

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Roadhog will remain useless without his one shot. The sooner they realize this, the better.


I have no idea what they will do.

But I’ll assume it’s something along the lines of:

  • CC resistance
  • No half second delay in hooked targets
  • Hooked targets are reliably hooked without spazzing out occasionally
  • Some beneficial AOE for teammates on take a breather
  • Negating Ult charge feeding

But it could be something different entirely.


Imho the best thing they could do is make ‘Take a Breather’ heal half (150hp) and create an additional 150hp shield that lasts until the CD is over, to tune down the ult-battery factor of roadhog.

So you’re telling me they’re gonna give him a fart CC that will knockback and slightly injure all target’s in Roadhog’s radius?

I think people would like brig being replaced, i doubt this idea would give him that much healing though

It’s more likely that we’d get Rein, Zarya, DVa, Roadhog, Brigitte and Lucio. If Roadhog’s team healing is decent that is. Otherwise it’d just be Rein, Zarya, DVa, Roadhog, Lucio and Moira/Ana. Keep in mind that Roadhog and Brigitte’s stun combos both do around 150 damage (Roadhog’s might even do more)

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That is true its hard to tell how roadhog will affect this till we know what they will do to him

That would literally make Take a Breather a better version of Fortify.

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I like this one. Just a smol AoE heal. Like 50hp or so.


Hog drinking like a literal pig, making mess everywhere around him with his healing juice. You can step on the droplet to gain some hp. Lul :V

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So literally the ONLY way roadhog can be useful is if he has a 1-shot? That’s it? There is just flat out simply no other reasonable use for him?

You might want to indicate it. Like Fortify changes Orisa’s colour - adds a specific glow.

So it might be the fact they want to keep the visual effect for CC-ignore unified across characters. Which makes sense.

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I don’t think they’ll go for AoE heal or CC resistance, something like allowing paint can to overheal makes a lot more sense.

No, there is not. His kit is built from the ground up to get picks. His little plastic shotgun can’t kill anything as of now.
You can’t keep him with “the same DPS” when he needs two shots to kill an enemy. With the healing, armor and CC in the game, Roadhog will be forever useless as is.