The REAL Reason People Hate ANY Meta


It is because “you have no choice”.

Using Brig as example.

Tracer mains have “no choice”.
No matter how good you are, (unless Smurfing)
You cant play Tracer without soft throwing.

As Tracer’s teammates, you have no choice.
90% of the game outcome is decided on “is Tracer going to switch”.

You have almost no control over “is Tracer going to switch”

During Mercy meta "play Mercy or lose"

The feeling of “dont play hero A or lose”,
“u either play A or lose”,
“there is nothing you can do to change the outcome”
is the MAIN reason people hate meta.


You can play around a Brig as Tracer if you knew what you were doing. Many streamers/pros that play Tracer can do this.


Soft throwing as tracer? Good joke.
Yes she wasnt as effective before , but a good tracer still does huge work in the higher ranks, especially as dive is so good on most maps.( i have personally seen this)
And IMO people hate any meta regardless of what it is is how it lasts for too long, this creates the game to be stale and un enjoyable. + in ranks below diamond , meta doesnt even exist, for example reaper is an amazing pick in the lower ranks , but useless the higher you get.


I love how u focus only on the example and ignore the main message.

People dont like they lose because of factors they cant control.

Well, nobody say this community is full of smart peoole.


Congratulations, you’ve figured out just how simple it is and why competitive gaming in general is almost always a pathetic joke. Including why most ‘esports’ are also laughable.
If a person plays at the 97-99th percentile, unless they devote a far more, even more, unreasonable amount of hours, into D/C tier characters, they are almost always automatically screwed. Often the sole exception to this is niche scenarios where C tier characters have great synergy with current-meta ones.

Simply because it’s not about being skilled. It’s about abusing high tier characters.
Thus, metas ruin all fun if you’re a gud player. In every game ever. Forever.