The Real Issue With Mercy

I would like to add that her healing nerf made her actually more reliant on her teammates even in as a pocket healer.

Since you cant really ‘‘save’’ anyone from anything *you cant even outheal Winston), your experience as a pocket comes down to hoping the person youre pocketing knows how to get out of line of fire so you can heal them back up, shes basically a mobile mini health pack that heals over time. Compared to every other support that can actually save a teammate that is taking dmg, either by raw healing output (Moira,Ana) or by using aditional abilities that.

Even ress on cd lacks any personal impact as it has a flat cd, and you are completely dependant on your team mates either dying in a safe position + being covered by your team to ress.


I respectfully disagree with everything you stated here

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Obviously by the amount of people having issues playing her now her skill ceiling did not drop. Its just the low end mercies who were heal bots prior who have trouble with her now.

Reducing her heals increased the value of every other part of her kit in relation.

Those players who do not use said kit are sour, for them fun is hold M1, Hide and press another button.

Her heals are less so her DB should be used more, no one gets that.

U cant win every fight by out healing all possible damage, those same fights may have been over already had u DB instead of heal bot.

Her ult is 10 times more active then it was prior.

People crying her e rez makes u stand still at a choke point where you covered 80%, but mas rez that made u stand still in front fo the entire enemy team was awesome!!

Mass rez did nothing for “skill” ceiling or floor, but those who suck with valk vs those who are great with it… Seems to imply some just dont have the skills yet.

And you don’t feel the need to explain why nor argue for it?

It did. Valkyrie drops the ceiling very close to the floor by removing many of the already low amount of skills required of the player.

Her heals are less so you have less time to DB, I don’t care how good at beam juggling you are.

So it’s M2 bot instead of M1 bot. Gotcha.

10x garbage still garbage.

There are those who suck at Mercy and wait for Valk to start moving around and engage, so they think Valk is engaging.

Your entire post amounts to “git gud”. Flawless argument.

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Lowering her skill ceiling does not mean clicking an ez button. It simply lowered her potential to make more plays. While her kit has always been simple, it has made her kit more dumbed down. Chain beams for example make it so she doesn’t have to juggle beams which negates one of her skills such as target priority. E rez is seen as an issue because it’s free as it’s on a CD. It doesn’t matter if your bronze or gm, you get rez as fast as any other Mercy player. Her ability to juggle between players along with being able to use DB or rez is reduced due to slower heals. Valk literally negates all of her weaknesses, free mobility and chain beams.

Mass rez had a ton of mind games to it esp at higher elo where it was easily countered as teams have better ult economy.


Wasnt there a load of very well known Mercy players who all dropped out of GM because they couldnt hold themselves there anymore? Thats telling us Mercys impact got reduced and even people who mained her from the get go couldnt do much with her anymore.

Not really. It just means you have less time to damage boost or rez since you need more time to heal your team.

I dont think you were reading the complaints many have. Hiding, pocketing and only being able to heal are big bulletpoints for criticism. Most want a more engaging playstyle again which allows some form of skill expression.

But it gets used less because she needs more time to do her primary job which is healing.

Depends on the situation I guess. There are examples for all the weird situations in Overwatch. Most heroes just have some form of utility or burst they can use against enemys which Mercy is lacking.

I entirely disagree with this. I would also explain why but many other already did that so I will just drop some links. Also someone has yet to tell whats so amazing about valk. Really. I dont see whats good about it. Valk takes away weaknesses and turns Mercys gameplay into an easy-mode.

Here are some links from people who can explain stuff better than me.


Also all of this. Thank you! :slight_smile:


When did I state such?

You’re literally telling people who dislike her mechanics “well I enjoy her!”

Thanks for quoting a quantifier. I have access to a dictionary!

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Earlier in this thread

I quoted it, and as such, one can follow the trail of quotes

you slag off Aria’s ‘rework mercy’ threads, but what about the whole ‘delete brig’ nonsense? Aria Rose is going about this the right way; I agree with her that Mercy should be made fun again, but not overpowered. Is that so hard to get behind?


I completely agree. Like I said my post was just scratching the surface. I was in between exams and this lit a fire in my belly. Like, I have used Valk to do my job for me as I went to get a drink, or to save my cat from getting into something she shouldn’t, or some other thing and my input on the team fight didn’t change (toggle beams are amazing)

Meanwhile Zen’s ult doesn’t give me nearly enough time to do that, and same with Soldier, not to mention I just can’t put a brick on m1 to shoot for me.


First off, I’m Mercy main since the beta. Second I never supported the ‘delete Brigitte’ movement. Third this Aria Rose is an obsession to make Mercy as #1 support. Mercy is good spot, she’s the third most picked support. Her definition of ‘fun’ is that she is not capable to adapt to mercy changes. I have tweeted to her how I can adapt to this Mercy changes, I proved to her how I can outhealed to Anas,Moiras.Lucios, Because I have improved my Mercy gameplay. Guess what? She blocked me. She blocks to everyone who disagree with her.

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she doesn’t want her to be a #1 support, she wants her to be fun, and engaging. I’m not saying she can’t outheal the other supports because I, too, often outheal most moiras and anas on my team with around 16k healing. And her ‘fun’ could be adapted; she has pointed out many different solutions on how she can be made more engaging and impactful without becoming broken again. I also never said you supported the delete brig movement, I was just pointing out the fact that Aria’s ways of putting her ideas forward are a much more sensible way. I don’t want to start a whole argument about this, seeing how you obviously have much more experience with mercy than I do (I started playing just before the Valk rework), but I just want to say that there are ways mercy can be adapted to make her fun, impactful and engaging without making her ridiculously op to the point that she’s a must pick


It is already a pretty good explanation. Many have given feedback similar to this but it seems Blizzard and some part of this community need to hear good and valid arguments more often. Thank you! :smiley:

Thank you! I wrote this on my phone, and in a rush.

I knew I really wanted to focus how for Zen, Trans is just as much of a breather as it is a team-saving ult. I have 10 seconds I can “shake it out” after focusing so much on aiming, where Mercy it’s “I gotta act in order to save my team” when you’re ability to do so is limited by “I can only save my team if the DPS is 60 or under” Because she lacks that mechanical component of her kit.

Ana can save the team via stalling with her Nano’ed target.
Moira can save the team by becoming Goku
Lucio and Zen come in with their clutch heals/barrier
Even Brig who plays more like a tank in her base kit can save her team if she hits Rally right before it’s needed (to give the team some armor).
Mercy in my opinion doesn’t have that.

She says “Helden sterben nicht” while at the same time slowly watches them die. It’s slightly more impactful on offense, I will give it that. Damage boost on Valk is a lot more impactful, but it lacks what all other supports have in defense.

And that’s not even touching how they replaced hide-and-res with hide-and-res


Again, all of you are losing the point. Jeff was clear: ‘we want to see another support to shine. Sometimes we feel mercy overshadow the support’ Aria saying more engaging and fun is not helping at all. Also she’s so toxic, in her twitter she said that there are lots of AntiMercy guys in the forums who flagged her threads, that’s not true. There are no antimercy guys here, if we flagged her threads is because he’s spamming on a daily basis with new threads, the rework mercy. It’s because of her fault that us Mercy mains are not well welcome here.

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There are no more ways she could be ‘more fun and impactful’ because the data is already there, third support most picked and she’s always picked in Overwatch League. This last buff she got was really good.

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60 hps would help with the sidekick/pocketing issue cuz she could heal tanks better


Perhaps you could ask to your second support to help you with healing tanks. I do that and really works.

Do Ana or Moira need help keeping their tanks alive? As a main healer she should be the one healing while the other support provides utility and occasionally helps. If I need an Ana or Lucio to keep them alive than I am again relocated to a pocket healer for a DPs instead of a main healer. Her healing needs to go back to 60