The Ranked Experience

Why in the world is the matchmaking so bi-polar? For the past week or so I have had nothing but players that argue and have no brain what so ever, I feel like I can’t do anything as a player. I’m not saying I’m the best player ever as I’m only plat but I know I’m doing more than just carrying my own weight. I’ve just stopped having fun qing comp even when I take breaks for days or weeks. It’s either steamroll or get steamrolled and in my case it’s 90% getting steamrolled. I’m sure it’ll get better but I just wanted to share my personal experiences so far.


I wouldn’t be so sure man. The issues are fundamental to the game. The brain dead decision to go 5v5, which has 2 big problems everyone (but the devs it seems) saw coming a mile off.

1). Tanks have too much influence over the outcome of the match, to the point where most of the time the team with the better tank wins.

2). Supports (a role which perhaps 10% of players main) now makes up 40% of a team. Resulting in long queue times for the other roles, the matchmaker increases team SR range to compensate, which in turn exacerbates the first problem.


Yup totally agree… I’ve pretty much set on avoiding solo queuing for comp especially for Support. After having a game where our Winston did not dive the Widow and just allowed her to snipe the entire team, despite me telling him to do so, and instead swapped to Zarya of all tanks… I swapped to Lucio to duel the Widow on the high ground, distracted the her and ana and yet the team couldn’t win the 4v3 fight. And kept complaining that they don’t have enough heals. I’m not even expecting to climb the ladder, just want some balanced fun matches. Just not getting it.

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i can really on solo q, dont have any friends “good enough” to play with me and people I do find just troll instead of actually trying so its near impossible to find a duo, but idrc all too much.

Yeah, it boggles my mind that they have a live game and they can’t fix anything lol. If the quality was half as good, it would justify buying SOME things.

The art/design team is the only good thing they have. Rest of the game mechanics, balance, matchmaking are absolute trash tier