The PTR Hog nerf no one is talking about


With more people wanting to play new Hog, this is a direct nerf to those who used to insta-lock Roadhog without having to face competition over picking him. If I want to pick Roadhog now, I may lose out on the chance to someone with a faster connection, whereas before I would be the only one on the team who would want to play him.

All kidding aside, these buffs are great. :smiley:


And this is why I have an SSD ,and being a genji main I have already mastered the arts of insta-locking ,I can get any hero I want when a match starts ,even newly released heroes on the PTR.


I bet I can pick your main faster than you, you may have mastered the arts of Insta lock but I created them :wink:

When and where


Is there a list of these changes anywhere?

I’m hearing a lot of talk surrounding them, but no concrete information… all I’ve heard is when jeff mentioned them in the update.

what do?


It’s on the Ptr feedback forum


Thank you!


I’m upset I may have to face competition for my pig but in the end of the day this is a good thing the more people play hog the more people will discover strategies and tricks he can use and be a better hero


I’m just sitting over here with Lucio and Sombra, waiting for my chance to boop them off cliffs.


i know there will be people with 5 minutes on hog instalocking him which sucks but the new changes are awesome


You can try to use LFG and pick tank.

I hope your queue times to be short


that is a good point i didnt think of tbh


He’s better but he’s not so great that he’ll be instalocked. Dva and zarya are still better. besides, barely anyone plays tank, odds are the people that do will pick the better tanks anyway

briggete still shuts him down too