The ptr drop today?

i just want the thor nerfhammer hit the powercreepted heroes.

Unlikely. Thursday is normally PTR day, if we get one that is.

They’ve probably been back to work for like, 2 days.

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Probably tomorrow, of not then either tuesday or thursday next week

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No, the current PTR has to go live first before that happens.

Also, PTRs happen on a Wednesday as of lately versus Thursday or Tuesday.

Wait, there is a ptr rn?

Really? When has that changed?

Check the December 11 patch notes (1.44). I believe it was a new feature to help role queue.

Ever since patch 1.41, PTR patch notes have been getting released on Wednesday evenings.

This is extremely rare, but there is a possibility that the current PTR will get updated very late and go through another 3 week cycle.

Updates for Spectator Tools and how you can now select multiple roles while in a group for Role Queue.

Huh, I thought that was already live…

but then again I never play comp/qp so I wouldn’t know :man_shrugging:

Not yet. I was anticipating this week, but things are already out of schedule.

~ yawn ~

Ugh… last post for the night/morning. I was up all night screenshotting the old forum posts from Google cache files… tired.

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Im going to guess you are going to sleep now, so have a good rest! (not trying to sound creepy)