The pros are getting off GOATS infavor of Hackfist and Bunker now


And the devs are always going to listen and brutalize the heroes in the meta as if that actually helps anything in the long run.


I took a walk today, and watched the sunset from a pier.


Hopefully people stop asking for nerfs to her, since they started the second she started being used to mediocre success.


Because the 240 people in OWL define our balance because they are the only ones that play a fixed metagame and they are also the best of the best so what is okay and not okay should be based on them?

If we balanced around bronze (or even Plat/gold where over 60% of the players are), where people cant aim, Pharmercy should be nerfed to hell, when they REALLY shouldnt be.


Who cares, 99.99999999999999999% of you guys are not pros


Still has to reach OWL.


Thats weird because the last 2 and a half hours have been goats meta with a sombra rarely thrown in.


It has, you watch OWL yesterday?


I did. A single map of Hackfist, Bunker on Paris. Everything else was GOATS.


Below the highest ranks, no one is playing GOATS, especially if they are “throwing in” Sombra.

Playing the heroes is not playing GOATS


90% GOATs = GOATs is gone :crab:



I’m also watching OWL right now and it’s 90% GOATS, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


hackfist is badass lol


I mean, this is kind of a mixed bag actually, at least for me…

From the one hand I feel kinda depressed since we are approaching one of, if not the most frustrating to play against and truly “low skill = high reward” META out there, but at the same time I feel refreshed, as high - ranked players will finally understand the true strength of Bastion when players play around him and why every single low/mid ranked player despises him.

And coupled with the fact that this META is for once going to be universal due to how easy it is to pull off, then yeah… Dark Times are coming…


You WILL remain disappointed. What you are thinking of as Bunker is NOT the Meta.

GM Orisa pick rate : 9.58%
GM Bastion pick rate: 0.43%

Literally Bastion is the lowest picked hero in GM. It is NOT part of the Meta.


Not yet my friend, just wait and see…


Why do they need to understand statistics to point out that she objectively underperforms? I believe she is the most underrated hero in the game… But the stats do not lie? They are not that difficult to comprehend, homie.


She does need nerfs though. People think she’s weak in the context of solo Q because people don’t follow up one of the best abilities in game. I would even say she needs a bit of a rework since most of the ability management she originally had is gone making her incredibly boring to play.

Stealth is infinite, translocator is infinite and her hack lasts 6 seconds whether it be manual hack or EMP which is a really long time to be without abilities. Not to mention that you can chain silence people with hack, emp and then hack again.


You are talking nonsense. GOATS is still meta and bunker is rarely played in the OWL.


Any game, even the ones where the characters / stats are in a similar power have metas.
There is always that extra leeway, that small advantage.