The problem with the Mercy megathread


Well like I said, she’s viable. Just boring.

I think the devs understand “boring playstyle” is a problem. I.e. The Lucio rework.


Boring is too subjective, and it seems to just be coming mainly from Mercy players. They consider the Mercy players a “micro community” out of “thousands” of other communities. And so they don’t take their feedback to heart.


Well it doesn’t help when Mercy is a must-pick between every nerf before the last one, and yet Mercy players are complaining that she’s not viable anymore.

Similar to how much complaints for with her rework, until people realized how strong she was.


Well yes they are right in not making decisions based off the Mercy players feedback. I’d think (and hope) that they would do it mainly based off data and statistics, that would be the correct way to do it imo.


Look where that got Ana though lmfao. Everytime a healer’s pickrate starts getting high they get gutted and forgotten about for multiple seasons.


I doubt that they nerfed Ana solely based off of her pickrate. She was obviously overpowered, and so was Mercy. Also, Moira currently has the highest pick rate overall and you don’t see her being gutted.


Doesn’t mean you have to gut them in order to shift a meta.


I never said it does. And I wouldn’t really call Mercy “gutted” she’s obviously still viable. Her usage in OWL proves it.


She was fine after she’s was nerfed when the meta was deathball. She got to where she is now when dive returned.


Ok 2 things wrong with what you have said here 1st is that OWL is a bad way to compare viability to ranked because OWL are Pros, it’s their JOB to be the best at the game, they get PAID to be the best and so they have their own meta and pickrates. 2 are you implying blizzard simply ignore how upset people are with the nerf? In my opinion the nerf was a good step forward and Mercy is almost in a good spot. But currently her ult is weak and quite lacking because they took so much from it and didn’t replace it with anything. Nerf was in general a good idea but it needs some work to make her ult a little better and more fun, maybe 1 insta charge. Rest of mercy’s kit is fine.


That’s one way to look at it. The way I see it if the pros can make Mercy work anyone should be able to. I mean she does take the least mechanical skill after all, you don’t have to be a pro to play her. I think what I meant to say/should have said is blizzard shouldn’t only use Mercy feedback when deciding whether or not to make changes to her. They should use Mercy feedback and data/statistics equally when making decisions.


I mean it’s not just feedback that’s saying something is wrong. Mercy is fine in low ranks but above plat she harshly drops in pickrates tied with Ana in GM, another hero that needs fixing. And blizzard bases most balance changes off of high ranks. She and Mercy hover around 2 to 3 percent. Mercy isn’t “dead” but could be better.


This data posted by Jeff suggests otherwise


So, back on topic about the problem with the Mercy megathread. To me it is abundantly clear that they use the megathread as a waste-bin for all the feedback they don’t care about. To my knowledge they have never ever shown any form of care for this community in regards to her current problems or potential fixes. People who love playing Mercy are an insignificant minority of the player-base, and it seems to me that Blizzard considers this group completely irrelevant as long as other players are happy.

I actually find the megathread to be an insult; a way for Blizzard to really show us how little they care about our feedback. A way to hide it away, to move threads and close them, to clean the general forum of clutter. Though, at least they are consistent in the way they make people who love playing Mercy feel unwanted and unappreciated.


In all honesty I can’t really think of a nicer solution without having people being responsible for classifying/curating the feedback. The team most likely already do this internally because it would be quite a task to entrust to members of the community.

Just to be a little clear about what I mean with an example:
Imagine if the devs made ‘tags’ available for all aspects of mercy’s kit eg. Movement, Healing, Cooldowns, Resurrect, Ultimate, Damage Boost etc Please note this is an extremely simplified example.

What you would want to do next is have someone, or people as they post, to classify their post using a tag, so that like suggestions could be grouped together. If a post spanned more than 1 tag it would need to be broken up.

If you followed such a system for example, you could then address the issues categorised by those tags based on whatever metrics you wanted to use (the volume of issues against the resurrect tag) another internal metric?

You can see that a system like I outlined above would be too unwieldy to reveal to the public and would require constant policing/curating. Instead my guess it that they have their own backlog for the features they want to address and probably select certain ideas from posts within the megathread to validate their ideas/ solutions. (You can imagine a lot of the posts are just duplicates of one another or possibly just mindless ranting)


  • Do you have a better alternative?
  • Do you think that leaving the threads separate makes it easier to understand all the issues taking into account many will be duplicates or just upset people not posting any useful/valid content?


We have the “summarize” button now, which may actually promote them overlooking good ideas because they’re least liked/ replied to.

At the core I agree with what you are saying. However they need to have a place they can come to for a complete, concise discussion.

I wish that they would just link back to the mega so that the discussions are linked. That way separate discussions can take place simultaneously without them conflicting (like a topic about Guardian Angel taking place in a separate thread than one talking about Valk, but they both link back to the mega)

I think everyone would win then. Don’t know why that is not the case. :man_shrugging:


If they really didn’t care about Mercy players at all they would’ve just permanently deleted her from the game. At least it hasn’t come to that yet, because if it came to that, that’d be the day I quit


Well, they wouldn’t delete her because that would mean undoing something they spent time implementing. And we all know how the rework was such a success… I think she’ll simply remain like this for a long, long time. No amount of feedback will cause them to make any changes to her now… unless some DPS players band together and claim she’s still overpowered that is…


Yeah I definitely do believe she will remain how she is for a long time. The blizzard way is to nerf a character into the ground, then re visit them in 6 to 12 months. So maybe she’ll receive minor buffs some time from August to next February.


For me, megathreads are just WAY too daunting. It takes ages to read through a bunch of posts which are somewhat related, but in this case are just forced together and as of such in a MAJOR mess with little common thread. And this is yet another reason why sub-forums are despretly needed (i.e. make a forum for “Balance suggestions”, then make a sub-one for “Mercy changes”). That way, we can easily read through and find posts which are relevant to what we want instead of sifting through the masses of posts in the general discussions forum and occasionally megathreads. Of course, they could probably stick all/most “Revert Mercy” threads into a megathread as those are pretty similar most of the time (those who provide ideas related to revert Mercy but try to make constructive improvements should probably be left alone for their own topics).

Another way they could clear clutter from the general forums would be to move all/most Brigitte posts to the PTR feedback forum so that all the feedback is where it SHOULD BE (and leave the individual topics as topics instead of creating another megathread that is extremely clunky)!!! Plus, it would probably remove about 10% of posts from the general forum (not as much as all the Mercy topics, but at least it is something without needing to form unwieldy megathreads with so many different tangents that it is nearly impossible to follow).