The patch went back live again

Okay, so as a Ball player…

If you’re going to keep this change, you NEED a visual indicator of when his grapple is about to let go. Sort of like how Echo ult shows you when it’s going to expire. If not, I get these moments of terror that I’ve grappled something for too long, because 2 seconds can feel like 6 in the middle of a fight. This is 100% something we need, it’s not something I will ever get used to on timing wise, and frankly, I shouldn’t have to count to six in my head every time I use the ability.

There’s a lot of people saying that this change only messes with Balls who Spin2Win. I disagree, to some extent. There are a few instances where hanging in a specific spot can allow you to sneak by enemies and gain access to their backline, it’s somewhat sad that was taken away.

There are also other interactions that are affected. In a few maps, Ball could grapple moving platforms while he was behind cover. If you let go RIGHT when the platform moved out of range, it would fireball him straight into the air, allowing for some unique entries. Still possible, but the timing is a lot more awkward now.

There are a few Ball rollouts that actually rely on you being grappled to a surface for a while to swing up to the right spot. I’ve noticed only 1 of the longer ones will disconnect me in the middle, the rest won’t.

Aside from the severe issue of me doubting how long I’ve been holding that hook (Please, for the love of all that’s holy, give it a visual indicator) it isn’t TOO much of an issue, but honestly, as a Ball player, I have to tell you I feel a bit salty. So many of his recent changes make him feel worse to play.

Not being able to displace as much was a huge hit, and he lost a lot of appeal then for (what seems like) not very much of an actual nerf to what makes him good for pro players. The falloff changes also hurt, and then the entry grapple changes didn’t actually make him feel much weaker, but it makes it feel clunkier. Even still, my instinct is to grapple out of spawn, and when it’s on CD every time, there’s this moment of annoyance.

Honestly kind of feels like Ball is getting punished and made to feel worse for a strategy that isn’t even good, which… isn’t the best feeling for me as a player.

It does start to feel like favoritism to see Rein, who is currently dominating lower ranks and in most of my games, get buffed, and Ball, who is much weaker in lower ranks, get nerfed (on something that is primarily targetted at lower ranks). It does start to feel like favoritism to me, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Can anyone confirm how the new Hanzo buff works?

Is it like you can aim at a wall like Moira orbs then fire it at the wall and bounces off in the direction? or how does it work

many thanks (not in game right now which is why I’m asking here)

Ditto for me.

Your changes are circus-tier. There is no planet in which benevolent devs said “ok lets buff Cassidy and Hanzo.” There is NO planet in which these 2 needed buffs. I have to chalk this up to malevolence. The game is either being sabotaged, or your team is abandoning all pretense of not being wildly biased in favour of which heroes should be “allowed” to be good, or the team are literally buffoons. That or this was a PR stunt. Either way it’s bad. VERY bad.

These changes do not target the meta in any way. If they did you’d be nerfing Tracer, Echo, Brigitte, Baptiste, Zen, Double shield, etc. OR if you HAD to buff things, you’d buff weak heroes. You know, weak heroes.


His post doesn’t say that geoff doesn’t play the game.

Brigitte is not OP in the slighest, she is UP.

We don’t balance around the ranks in which she is UP. And in fact, she’s not really UP in any rank - people play her poorly.


As you said it’s basically like a moira orb however it only can bounce once whereas moiras orb bounces infinitely

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So she is simultaneously easy to play and people just don’t know how to play her? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Quote where I said she’s easy to play.

She used to be easy but not anymore

Than she deserves to be good in high rank play than.

It’s been meta, so many people crutch it in higher elo.

It’s probably going to be even more crutched on to deal with Hanzo tbh

I just take issue with bringing back something that’s already proved problematic before…what is the logic there….

“Bouncing” arrow - yes it could 1 shot and that was an enormous problem…but another complaint was that it had no counter play as you could play it around corners….yet another question is why? It’s not like storm arrow itself has many fans….why add an aspect of RNG to it?

Air roll for Cassidy - it was contentious enough to back track on it several weeks ago….all of a sudden that’s not the case anymore? And while I don’t necessarily care if you “buff” him, he is not a hero most people would say needs help more than likely

The others I think barely register on the impact meter to be honest….but those 2 in particular just leave me wondering why?

Hanzo is pretty good against double shield . He’s the anti cheese.

Every hero deserves to be good at high rank play. But good and overtuned/overpowered are not synonyms.

Your arguments are bad and you keep changing the post, but I’ll indulge.

Brigitte is very easy to use if you already possess the gamesense and knowledge that a high rank player necessarily possesses. The reason lower ranked players struggle as Brigitte is not that she’s inherently hard to use compared to other heroes, but because they lack the basic skill to fully understand the game. They will try and play her as a frontline tank (and die) and not understand how to fully use her cooldowns. Just about any GM player who plays any hero will know how to do those things, however.

So is she hard for the average player? Yeah, but so are many other heroes. Is she hard for good players? Absolutely not.

So which camp of player do you fall into? (As if I can’t already deduce the answer)

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iirc didn’t the first iteration of double shield occur during double sniper? lol

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well idk about the other characters but I love the moira change. its so fun! she definitely needs more than this but it is really fun

First double shield was doom reaper Mei with Moira lucio

Spoken like someone that has already made up their mind before even trying to engage in discussion. If you’re not going to do anything but parrot your pre-conceived beliefs there’s no point in even discussing anything.

It happened because Sigma is broken, such a cheese comp.

Choi legit bodied everybody as Sigma, he looked like a final boss.