The patch went back live again

Could you explain why this patch was decided to be pushed straight to live rather than it go through experimental?


Thanks for the balance changes. I’ll come back and respond with my feedback on the changes. Right now, just rumor I’ve heard, Moira’s Fade is gonna be insane now.


I just don’t understand why we aren’t nerfing anything?

The game was fun back in September - October 2020 because there were massive changes to multiple heroes that caused problems for a while, then we just added powercreep to said characters agian. (Bap buffs, Health nerf/buff patch…) those are a few examples of what started to make the game drop to being unfun again. This game does have it’s moments… I will admit.

But I feel like I shouldn’t be HUGGING a wall to get value out of the larger characters because of the amount of damage in the air.

Please please, look at the CC changes, and Aoe healing that this game has and come back with an actual experimental and not meme changes that will 100% not shake up the meta, but instead add onto the fact that the meta we are in sucks.

Some characters are indirectly affected by those changes. Moira isn’t a bad character; she’s outshined because there’s heroes that do her job better and more effectively and you could say this about more characters.


I’ve seen some pretty cool clips on the Tweeter


For me the Moira one was fun


Thank you AndyB. I just hope it leads to something because overwatch’s history has had this sort of “we’re listening” approach in the past without so much as a community response afterwards (the infamous mercy rework thread)

Still no response


I’m happy to share feedback. I hope you can pardon my skepticism in feeling that my feedback just…doesn’t matter. These were already implemented before. Is there a reason we’re doing a second round and on live?

I try to hit ~10+ hours of playtime before I make up my mind on the changes. I’m less than 2 hours in, and the Cole changes feel bad to go against. He rolls out of boops now. It feels like a complete waste to even try to boop him anymore when he can just roll and then Fan the Hammer me to my immediate death.

Everything else will require me to play more before I feel comfortable with how I feel about them and can figure out what is frustrating me exactly.


Uh you guys really don’t know the game very well then. This won’t change the meta at all… It’s just making the game more annoying to play with more power to heroes that don’t need it


Exactly what I just said… JINX!


The “community” is always negative about every change. The reason OW is in the state it is in now is largely due to listening to the “community.”

That said, I like this patch. The fun factor is increased. I welcome additional balance patches.


Okay, I’ll be specific. According to Google, I recovered 30 gigabytes from my hard drive today. I also simplified my future game browsing experience by permanently filtering out any games by Blizzard. Just like I promised, because I’m a man of my word.

Want more specifics? I’ll copy/paste my entire response from the other thread.

I kept my word. I uninstalled your game and blacklisted your company. You buffed two wildly over-performing/over-bearing/over-used DPS and one of those buffs had the insane effect of negating the use of natural cover as if cover weren’t already scarce enough, or players already finding it difficult to be in the habit of using.

I legit have no idea what made you think any of this was okay, but it’s way beyond “this is not okay”. The very idea that you thought these buffs were needed for DPS, especially these DPS characters despite the dozen or so struggling to remain relevant as you keep buffing the dev favorites, tells me that there’s a lot wrong in your ranks. I don’t know who specifically in the team is responsible, and at this point I don’t care either. You want to authorize a stunt like this, then that’s the end of the road for me. The blatant favoritism and lopsided priorities gutted this game and my interest in it.

I’m voting with my wallet and giving my business to other companies.


i really like the moira buff and i think the other ones dont really change too much in mid ranks. maybe rein tho since he just got MORE damage and is pretty much a want in casual games but otherwise meh. rein jail ten fold?

I dont mind sharing feedback after playing, however i must ask, why was the Cass roll pushed to live if, in pretty much every other experimental, it was received with negative feedback?


Hey, I’m back with some feedback specifically regarding the change made to Hanzo’s Storm Arrows.

I was initially very concerned about this change and it is proving to be as much as I feared. I don’t quite understand why Scatter Arrow was removed as an ability if it would be basically reimplemented into an inherently stronger ability, and he keeps Lunge (which as you know was added with the Scatter to Storm rework). Hanzo is beginning to feel too versatile with his high burst and vertical mobility, as well as a wallhacks cooldown.

I think he could keep this new change, if perhaps he loses an arrow or two while using Storm Arrows. Thanks for reading, if you’ve had time for it.


Except it won’t. There were 0 changes to meta defining heroes such as Brig or Bap. None of the core issues in the game were addressed here at ALL. Literally just stupid changes that didn’t need to happen like a gimmicky oneshot mechanic on rein’s shatter or this cringe McCree buff that the devs are absolutely determined to force into this game, no matter how many times it’s been shot down by everybody.


It’s awesome, thank you so much :heart_eyes:
hopefully we can see an HoT revert (so we can make more use of “The Cooler Super Jump” :sunglasses: while knowing our buddies have 3-4 secs of delicious moira heals)


Moira’s fade is busted for sure but then again… it’s just Moira, it feels… fair, good direction for her for sure

Hanzo is just really fun, hitting one of those ricochet arrow doesn’t happen in my rank lol so unless the Hanzo is very experienced (impossible since this has been up for a day) I don’t think it’s oppresive or even relevant tbh, it does give storm arrow a niche function though so that’s appreciated

Cass, yeah you can roll out of knockups but you’re still vulnerable after, it’s a fair change but Fan the hammer seems to still be problematic

Wrecking ball… man, you guys overdid this one, he needs at least a visual/audio cue for the timer and the cooldown is way too long after, the direction is right though but you guys need to rein it back just a tad

Torb… what?

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Measured feedback?
I’m guessing the previous feedback i gave ended up in the trash heap.

Without hyperbole (I am LIIIIIIVID…)
Tanking is incredibly frustrating. I’d like to be able to stand in the fight with my teammates.
Provide them with some cover rather than working the corners of the map and running back to spawn to fully heal since the support healing per second is woefully insufficient. Elaborating further on this, tanking in season 2 with Dva is what comes to mind.
Getting tossed up into the air by junkrat mine then stunned by brig, then slept by Ana THEN anti-healed usually sends me into a fit of rage. (as i’m sure it does others)

TLDR: Tanking sucks. Terribly. Surprise changes like this especially to tanks end up ticking off the community. In case you hadn’t noticed. It occurs to me that IF balancing the game is such an issue perhaps you should have the OWL version and public versions seperate. Those that want to play the OWL version should have an opt-in through a menu. The game is just VERY VERY VERY frustrating to play.

Also feedback from earlier in the day:

This is about the 20th post i do about the topic.
So again to summarize,
The matchmaking is horrendous and tanking is rage inducing/painful.


It doesn’t really shake up the meta when you don’t address the problems head-on, the problems being Baps lamp and Brig as a whole.