The Overwatch Empowerment Cup: A community pursuit of equity, inclusion, and competitiveness

Don’t worry, it isn’t. It’s from a low brow Cartoon Network TV series most likely written by self loathing internet funny people held captive in a cellar somewhere

What I dont get it what is this?
Is it like a tournament where they try to include as many ethnic and women as possible to make it so all the ethnic and genders are balanced out to make up a certain percentage rather than being a skilled-based tournament?

Someone explain it to me because I dont get it this isnt like me being toxic I just genuinely dont get it.

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Yikes dude this seems a bit weird I don’t think most tournaments really care about marginalization this isnt like a real sport where women dont have a footing ground gaming tournaments just look for the best players they dont care if your a women or gay or whatever

This seems kind of wokeish.

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It’s just a female tournament with meme team names. That’s it.

But I don’t get it its not like real sports where if women played in the mens division they’d get crushed women can be better at games its just there are more men players so generally most of the best players are men but Im pretty sure there are some female pros

Its not like they couldn’t compete in actual OWL realistically I think it’s weird they need this tournament if they’re good just let them compete in actual OWL

Why don’t they just have them compete in a global tournament though men arent better at games then women its not a physical sport its a skill based system rather than birth gifted like traditional sports.

Because it’s just a female tournament with meme team names. That’s it.

Im pretty sure women can join OWL thats why I dont really get this tournament they should just try to contend for OWL

Its strange to have them and then claim its for inclusivity. Since, you know, that’s literally the opposite of what inclusive mean.

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Yes there are but they face sexism and adversity in simply being given the necessary opportunities, being taken seriously, and experiencing harassment or exclusion from other players which make it harder to have the motivation and ability to participate in high tier organized OW play


…that’s because this tournament won’t make much money.

It’s not like you’re going to offer a million dollar prize when your toruney has 10 viewers.

Even regular users here don’t actually read before commenting.


Someone is about to go public with information that’s somehow worse than stealing breast milk. Its a pretty consistent pattern of this. Blizzard posts a BS article about some virtue signal nonsense they’re involved with and within the week horrible news comes out.

So… Blizzard can’t afford to make skins for the last event but they can host all these silly tournaments? First that creator cup thing and now this?

I mean Go team Alphabet and all that but this seems… wasteful. It also wouldn’t be an issue if Blizzard allowed 3rd party groups to organize tournaments instead of banning all non official E sports for their games.

Plus i haven’t read all the details… but it also seems some what exclusionary. For years we have been told to let more people into normal E sports to be fair and inclusive… now they host a tournament that specifically excludes people who don’t check enough boxes?

Didn’t that Pink mercy Breast cancer skin come out around the time a lot of these accusations came up, among other things like the Blitz chung and hong kong issue.

Check for yourself, its almost every time. Like they’re trying to get ahead of some bad news about to come out.

I mean that’s just the hard, cold reality of what it is. I mean you are either all inclusive, for everyone regardless or race, age, sex or creed, or you are not. That’s the main issue with DEI, it’s at its core exclusionary in many cases.

I guess so on the face of it, but if it takes women-only tournies for women to feel welcome in Overwatch, then that’s what it’s gotta be.

People never read, they just see a Blizzard news thread and immediately throw in the complaints.

No. Its because they are not that good. You are in a OWL team when you are good/ the best. Not because you are male. Its simple as that.

They are not ignored. The same way as men are not highlightet. We are all gamers. The rest is irrelevant. This kind of stuff TRYS to highlight points that dont have to be.

If they are not making it they use it as a political opportunity. Its still bad.

We have a winner!