The Overwatch Empowerment Cup: A community pursuit of equity, inclusion, and competitiveness

Don’t be shy…

drop some… :slight_smile:

Jk, but can we at-least expect a blizzcon-like videos with information?

That’s all im asking :confounded:

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Simultaneous appreciation of the communication but extreme groan over the same “we’re excited to share stuff eventually” that we’ve been getting for months.

There comes a point where it’s simply not good enough for anyone - the people higher up have to get this through their skulls.


And yet nothing changes? Not more communication?

Is that just the higher ups being incompetent or not caring? Or maybe another Afrasiabi story where 600 years ago someone in the development team did something and now you can’t share anything? (Probably can’t answer that, I know but it is not throwing a good light)

Can I get paid to do nothing too? Much like your lore team on OW?

Like honestly I dunno how many years OW2 is in development now. How in the world, without any feedback, do the hundreds of people know that the product in the end will be good?

You have so many people work on this title forever… How would you know if the community, if you don’t do any releases what so ever, will like it in the end? That’s very scary to think of.


“The Empowerment Cup”

As I said on the thread complaining about said cup, as a woman I can’t think of anything more patronising than that name.


Are they even aware that people have high expectations for something to happen?
The content creators have already managed to overhype it with vague hints and then taking their words back.


I get this, and usually go out of my way to avoid being tease-y or leading anyone on.

It’s perfectly understandable to be skeptical of us right now. Were I in your position, I’d be similarly guarded, and reserving judgement until you learn more. All I’ll say is we look forward to re-earning your trust.


But the issue is… we haven’t learned anything in over a YEAR.

Why are reserving space for something we don’t know anything about?

I’m going to be honest. If you were actually in our shoes, i’d expect you to be in the same position Fragehardt and 99% of the community.


I know you as a person / worker can’t do anything about it and you’re probably not the biggest fish that do these decisions. I’d be surprised if you even know who is doing these decisions in the end.

But man what I wouldn’t give to have those mysterious “higher ups” show up in a forum post and actually explain plus answer everything. Not Ion lawyer speak but actually honest and straight forward. X happens because Y. I would like to have that for WoW too but unfortunately Ion is there so that isn’t going to happen.

From how informations are brought up to the table, who exactly decides what is going to the public and what is not, what the process on it is, why development goes into a certain way and so forth. Basically the patch notes of WoW but much, much more indepth about the whole development process of OW2.

Like idk, have a higher up monthly post where these people take common forum suggestions and discuss them if they are possible, if not and why not.

I have a feeling that we will never have that though.


Jeff Kaplan used to post a decent amount on here when he was Director, actually.


Thank you, Andy. This is a very big first step. I look forward to you re-earning my trust as well.

Edit: Speaking for myself here. I know for some people here this communication will not mean as much as it does for me.


Whoever took over should have continued that tradition.

He does.

He visits… us once a year!

AndyB addressed it more eloquently than I can in his reply.

I once spoke with Aaron Keller personally when I unexpectedly met him at the Blizzard Arena during the 2019 Overwatch League season. He mentioned to me that he that while he reads the forums a lot, he knew that Jeff loved engaging with the fans directly. Don’t hold against Aaron that he does not do the same. Instead, I am glad we have Andy and Jodie to better engage with us and keep us informed where it is needed.


This is not a good excuse for 0 communication on information over Overwatch 2 and Overwatch.


Not to get hung up on a timeline but hasn’t it been about 5 months since the platters where we learned quite a bit? It was not Blizzcon levels of information but it was some information.

I’m talking new information about PvE and the game’s direction as a whole.

(Blizzcon 2021)

No, it is not, but I understand why Aaron chooses to not post directly. We do need more communication though and it will come when they are prepared to do so.


I would agree regarding the PvE but in September we got a feel for how OW2 plays in PvP, what the reworks look like for 2 heroes, and how Push looks when played by skilled players. That was a nice drop of information (wish we got more of that).

That’s pretty much the entire reason he was everyone’s darling. He brought a lot of stability to the forums until they started working on OW2 full time and slowly removed his presence.