The Overwatch Archives event returns with new loot and deadlier challenges

Hey at least the emotes were good… lol

It’s Dr. Ziegler from an evil parallel universe!

This is great! I only have one question tho, why do my friends get loot boxes for each of the mission archives missions and i only get them for the challenge missions? I have never participated in this event before either, but one of my friends has.

I would be greatful if anyone could help me with this :slight_smile:

boo to this event. Yet another 2-3 weeks of not being able to play the game because the one mode I actually care about was replaced by this dumb event. At least the forums will be more interesting with the daily threads about “Where’s Total Mayhem?” or “Why Arcade Mode Needs Fixing.”

Oh, an NO the server browser is not a valid replacement for arcade mode being messed up during events.