The Overwatch Archives event returns with new loot and deadlier challenges

The Overwatch Archives event returns with new loot and deadlier challenges

We’ve re-opened the Overwatch Archives with deadly new Challenge Missions, new ways to earn weekly rewards, and some museum-quality skins and loot!

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Loving the Zarya skin


Ty guys for the soldier 1776 skin, even got the name too


No Symmetra skin BUHAHAHAHAHHA

(Sorry fans… it is bad and sad… I know… but it is still funny considering how they dont give a f* about the community)

Why are you making me wait 2 weeks for the Mercy skin :pensive:


Video is private LMAO


Ok honestly wtf do I have to do to actually see all the new skins? Do I have to log in? Why can’t they just show us what they’ve made??

From what I can see, that Zarya skin looks real good. Loving the Zen and Mercy Epic skins as well too.

Wonder who the last skin will be (if there are 5 Legendary skins that is).

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What a missed oppurtunity for an historical accurate Knight/Crusader Reinhardt :frowning:


Apparently I was looking at the page before they updated or something, it didn’t have the 2021 skins. But it shows them all now at the bottom now.

I wish zarya had helment…

they robbed soldier and bastion of highlight intros… last two characters in the game to not have a seasonal highlight ;(

Not to bring down those that worked on this stuff; but the cosmetics for this event are easily the worst the game has seen. There’s literally not a single item from this event that I’d even consider remotely decent.

The worst part is that No Limits and Total Mayhem are once again knocked out from their rotation. There’s not even a consolation due to the aforementioned cosmetics being garbo.


Not a fan of the skins or rewards, personally.


Not just the skin, but the Zarya weapon skin might be the craziest looking weapon skin in the game.

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boring and stale game .

Not really. I still enjoy the game.

Same - I’m enjoying the game too.

Hoping OW2 breathes new life into it though as I’m playing against the same people again and again.

That’s an interesting way to say no new content