The overmoji café: re

Did you guys like my post on every balance change? I want it to be pinned soon

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I didn’t see it because of bongo cats, it’s very good for information.

I hope it gets pinned too.

I put a lot of time into it. I can send it to you if you want

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It’s fine, i already bookmarked it.

I found the creator of the overwatch bongo cats :slight_smile:

jobo :blowfish: :tropical_fish:

Yeah I saw it too ^^

tbh I am not sure if they will pin it because some users also detailed balance posts like that and they don’t get pinned

For example this one:

It has so many likes and it is not pinned

The difference is that that one is opinionated and is focused on one hero. My post has no opinions and is focused on all heroes

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Laughs in Fighterz

No Speedwagon or Von Strohiem? Low quality-taste.

How could you forget such timeless classic characters? Such as:
Goku, Proud Goku, Scar Goku, Kid Goku, Green Goku, Evil Goku, Fused Kid Goku, Mystic Goku, Robo Goku and Swole Goku.

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Yeah yeah i know, i just find xenoverse 2 more enjoyable content wise and you can’t parapara people in fighterz, also they have been working on the netcode lately and it’s a bit (i said a bit) better presently.

I believe another netcode patch is going to come around december/january.

I just wanna beat people to death with clackers.


Oh goodness sakes. I am driving through freezing Wyoming mist and it’s icing up my windshield. What the heck is wrong with my battletag tonight?

I made a huge post on every balance change, Myst. It took a lot of work but I’m really proud of it.

Also with your battle tag it might be coincidence

And my night just keeps getting more weird.

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interesting… you’re day is weird today. Like it is a dream… today has been overwhelming for me. My thread on every hero’s balance changes is the fourth best thread today. And every single reply has been constructive and positive. I am overwhelmed with all the praise tbh

I can’t help but read your nickname like

“You are on my list”

I think you myst the point if his name :v

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Why does everyone rage quit when I play Jiro, Dabi or Toga???

Because you’re just too good at them and everyone knows thay’ve already lost? :slight_smile:


You’re gawdaumn right.


yes this is amazing
I like it a lot

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