The Orisa Change is QOL, and something Orisa players have been asking for


From Orisa players, outside of her lack of mobility (which she really doesn’t need) there have only been a couple of universal complaints. This is one of them. Orisa has a 2.5 second reload, and nothing is more annoying for the Orisa player than cancelling that reload because another barrier needed to go down. Is this going to make Orisa an unstopable monster who throws barriers down every time one breaks? No, no more than she is already (and she really isn’t, she’s being picked right now for the same reason Rein is picked in GOATs).

All of the changes Orisa has gotten following her release have been QOL that make her gameplay better. This isn’t going to have a drastic impact on the game as we know it, it is just going to make Orisa’s life slightly easier.



And also the Dva nerf wont affect Dva too much.

10 metres is distance enough to stop ultimates even without using her movility.