The official Mei fanclub (v. 2.0)

See how sweet she is? And you describe her as Satan to people. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Honestly, Chinese sounds like crazy hard to pick up. They have all these characters you need to know, and there’s a basic level of literacy needed just to read the paper, but there’s a lot more than that.

I am not gonna bash Chinese culture, cause it’s ancient and there’s tons of awesome stuff about it, but I do think alphabet-based languages are more efficient than Chinese.

Sorry you’re leaving! Hope you change your mind and come back someday!


I said it in the other Mei thread earlier about leaving. All the forums have become whining about bad teammates, nerfing this hero, and etc. Does get tiring to see.


I am not really intending to go outside the Mercy and Mei clubs ever again, myself. Forums are only fun around friendly people.


I very much agree on this.



Well, it’s pretty easy to see where you stand! :stuck_out_tongue:

May just go straight to twitter for now on. That’s where I’ve been spending most of my time now as of late instead of forums.

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I hear Twitter is pretty rough. My best friend stopped using his account.

Can be but I usually stay away from all the negativity plus avoid if any occurs.



I’m here for my monthly visit. Hoping that maybe this time i stay around more often.

Yeah, sometimes i feel like i should actually just read the replies on arcade thread and this fanclub and never wander to other threads ever again. I’m just getting angry for no good reason while reading forums these days, and it’s starting to be reflected on my posts. I want to be better than that, and not become yet another angry person on these forums. :slightly_frowning_face:

I feel so lucky to be the person running this Twitter account. Community there is A-Mei-zing! They leave so many awesome replies every day. Same with Arcade thread i do on forums.

If there is Mei community on Twitter, someone please tell me. I would love to join.

She is evil.

They say it’s easy after some practice.

I prefer our clubs. Sure we have our different opinions but it never leads to a fight.

I will welcome you if you agree Mei is a being run on pure evil

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Last week in Deathmatch, I was randomly firing around Chateau when I managed to headshot a soldier with an icicle from nearly across the map. it was like threading a needle.


I wish Blizzard can do something about ice wall’s location graphics, sometimes in heat of the battle, when too much things are going on and you’re required to pop off an accurately placed ice wall, I misjudge the ice wall’s position, due to the blur effect, which in my opinion, doesn’t help the Mei player at all when you need to quickly and accurately determine where your ice wall will be placed and put in the consideration of small spaces that may not be covered by the ice wall, thus may allow enemy players to get through. Don’t forget one second in this game is a long long time, every millisecond could be the difference of advantage or disadvantage.

As such I propose that they get rid of the blur effect or reduce it, or just something that is functional and not totally focusing on how pretty it is, doesn’t have to sacrifice art direction.

Here’s a short illustration of what it could look like:

And here is current:

Edit: Whoops, I forgot to lower the opacity of the ice wall layer, but you get the idea.

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I like your idea. Here’s pictures for easier viewing:




That looks 'shopped.

You know libel suits are real, right? >:-o Also, there is a non-potable water emote on these forums. It’s true.

Glad to see you! And, please do!

Yeah, forums can mess up one’s mind after a while. I keep to the fanthreads because that’s not an issue.

I am guessing Snowball is moderator, right? And, what do you guys advise to people with irrepressible urges to eat ice cream constantly?

That’s only because you, Hotarua and Widowmeiker are bff’s forever.

This disbeliever is incorrigible!

That sounds like a warm and fuzzy experience. Did you have feelings when doing this? Or, are you like Widowmaker and you only feel emotion when soembody dies?

I don’t know anything about game mechanics, but I DO know that Mei saved 15% or more on her blizzard insurance by switching to Geico!!!


Hi there,
Come and take a #MeiCNY redraw challenge in your own art style!

More details: The #MeiCNY redraw challenge (Mei fans)

Considering that Soldier said “Nice Shot” when watching his replay, it made me feel nice. Why do you have to be so cynical and mean?


But I have never fought with them or anyone else

You saw the vid! Even her VA is trouble.

Like all the times Seren has said Mei is “nice” or “friendly”

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Check it out, I’ve created a wallpaper of Mei CNY for the Lunar New Year!!AqKGcmac7PpVgdJ7wHH4sIt6lCBUwA

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