The official Mei fanclub (v. 2.0)

I should change my name to Megalobster…or Rock Lobster since that has a theme song. :thinking:

sadly, there are no other Megadodos to breed with, and as such, with my passing comes extinction

Just dont be like Crabrante

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Rocklobster Balboa?

Eye of the Lobster?

The underlobster?

It’s a large planet out there, my friend. I am sure there’s a very special Megadodo somewhere out there just for you.

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as large as we are, I think other Megadodos would definitely have been spotted by now.

very hard to miss.

PTR Updated!

Ice Wall

  • Cooldown increased from 10 to 13 seconds
  • Player collision now allows large heroes to fit through 1 pillar gaps

They’re probably hiding from nerf Mei mobs.

Poor Mei. :frowning:

none of hers can becasue of the horrendous backpack she lugs around :upside_down_face:

so arent bad, but none are good.

mercy could have 1hp, die in 1 hit, and have nothing else but her 1 hps and she’d be best healer v_v


i do. to live healthy and long as i naturally can.

80’s zarya is nice
industrial has a goth feel
barbarian is awesome
and last but not least we have snowboarder skin and shes a cute teddy~

can’t do it.
though i can do haughty anime oujo-sama laugh pretty well.
(i can’t help but like it every time i see it)

Also I am a pacifist to the core.
However doesnt mean I don’t have a greta imagination.
I’d make a great super villain.

you don’t know spies

sound like the private school I went to for a year >_>

are nice but not too short.

how about rock puncher?

…why didnt they just fix it?
it has a 10sec cd that starts at use not when it goes away.
i mean this change still doesnt fix that and can leave it with a mere 8sec cd <_<

I am all for cd fixes for mei’s wall.

p.s. widowmei watch this from 5:03 to 5:05 (specifically 4 u)

I’m OK with the nerfs but can already see the angry Mei mobs wanting more until she becomes a spectator. Oh well, I’m glad Mei players haven’t really gone crazy and are quite chilled.

(See what I did there?) :sunglasses:

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3sec more between walls doesnt change fact she can wall off ppl and 1v6.

mei haters dont care if she becomes trash. Same for mercy haters.

i was gonna say this sint true becasue akaras is obviously long been crazy (him thinking she is evil is proof) but then i remembered he is a mercy main so that doesnt count ;D

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everyone quiet!
Akaras is typing in its natural habitat!

edit: 21m later and I think he got spooked :frowning:


You can be a spy and not be a villain

I imagine at some point they do.

Mei has a backpack, does that mean her skins are bad

Like the Kellogg brothers.
Do some research, it a interesting story.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but Zarya is constantly voted to have the worst skins in Overwatch so meibe your skin radar is off. Her best skins are on HoTs but HoTS has more freedom to play with the skins.

Im watching a movie
(Ford v Ferrari) and every night at ten I feed my dogs

hers works with her skins. (and its snowballs charger/home)

hots skins are epic.
some even get new voices to fit the skin.

whats that i hear on the wind?
ahhh excuse :sunglasses:

eating baked chicken at 1:30 in the morning.

I am bored.

D4 is looking nice.

Well not everyone can have wings!

You don’t have to worry about hit boxes when the game is top down. I played abit of HoTS, I liked it.

Movie just finished and my dogs are crashed. Now I can go watch Brooklyn 99 and go to bed

Do the ritual to summon widowmeiker

true, but mei,, tracer, etc dont have wings and they can look good.

i dislike it.
played it for events and that was about it.

I did get amazing at Chromie. (glass cannon ftw!)

Shes my favorite Warcraft NPC :slight_smile:

sadly she was banned a lot :frowning:

i dont have your blood, the tear of an angel, the excrement of a demon, or the heart of a ghost :frowning:

and i refuse to use the genie/djinn.

they alwasy corrupt wishes.

Has a giant backpack

Is in a mech

Has some kinda weird glowing device.

Not my favorite game nor will I recommend it but it has its moments.

Use them to wish for one that won’t

always knew u disliked mei.

u want poor snowball to run out of power D:<!

even her baby skins better than moira’s v_v

timey wimey stuff

chromie moments.

Gnome power~

you first ^_~

You’re the one who says you don’t like them I’m just pointing out that Mei has one

Most dudes are into Dvas “baby” skins. I honestly don’t like Dvas kit, she is one of the only characters that does not have a niche pick I guess she is good vs snipers and two healers but Winston is also good vs snipers and as a bonus he has a sheild! So in my mind people just force Dva into comps because “shes my favorite tank” and then they say she is a good tank… Zarya and Roadhog are wayyy better in that slot.

I do not like Dva.


I don’t need the mystical to summon widowmeiker, I can just go to their house