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The payout is still “I did it!” If you think that they deserve the cash than I must call hypocrite because athletes work 1000 times harder to stay in shape, learn their role in the sport, be patient with the media, and lots more I’ll never understand what it takes to play at that level but a fat dude in his mom’s basement does not put in the same effort.


never said I did.
And you know i also think sports athletes dont deserve as much as thye make o3o
Only big $ should be actual beneficial jobs that help society.

I already fear for the future generations that grow up thinking/wanting to have a job in singing/sports.

“This man is dying is anyone a doctor?”
“Nah but we can heal them with the power of music!”

Also future is all robots.
Sports, singing, cooking, etc.

$ and/or connections

thats mean and not true that all of them are fat nor they live with parents.

bullikaras at it again :frowning:

Well thats okay than but the payout for completeing a player made challenge is still “I did it!” I wouldn’t brag about donations…

It’s true for most. They just sit in all day playing the same game over and over because they don’t want a real job were they have to interact with real people out of a space they control. Your feeling on athletes is mine on streamers.


Guys, the news are in: upvotes per day have been doubled as per yesterday!

We must upvote all the additional pylons!


I didn’t know that. Let’s give hotaru at least 200 likes today.


I am pretty sure Hotaru doesn’t like mass-upvote rampages. xD

And here you go, the news are directly from a Bliz forum developer:


I’m at level 20 now in Skyrum and probably the main issue I am seeing at this point is that in the quests that are chained together - ie by finishing quest A you open up quest B, finishing B means you are then told to go do quest C, and etc etc etc - you cant count on quest B being level approproate even if quest A was as mercy often says “a piece of cake”. Getting the staff of Magnus is waaaaaaaaaAAAAAAYYYYY more difficult than the quest that creates the circumstances that make some NPCs effectively demand you go get said staff right away.

That, and quests where you end up with a choice between killing/betraying one of two opposed individuals without any way of determining which is in the right

Also why are the dragons (the be-all baddies of the game) so much easier to beat than trolls? I mean, if trolls can kill me with one blow (and they have) dragons should kill me with a mere glance in my general direction. Seems a bit backwards

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Dragons scale with your level some are way stronger as you level. I remember my first Elder Dragon I just got done killing a legenday dragon so I was feeling tough so I hit it with a arrow and the Elder DESTROYED me.
If I recall correctly the troll will stop one shotting you when you’re higher level and never be a menace again, if fact you will be the troll menace then.

That’s what they need to do with a game thats not linear to make it interesting. Other wise you power level a stating zone a wreck the first few bosses

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the ghosts of 6 archmages were all talking about how they barely survived the encounter with the undead dragon and they were sorry one of their number died against it

I killed it in like 30 seconds, with most abilities in the teens and twenties and just one skill (conjuration) at 52 - ie “adept” level – no where near master/archmage level

now, had it been an undead troll - it’d have been the end of me

you asked earlier if the main storyline is the civil war or the dragons returning - Im gonna go with the dragons

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Cant forget the dragons are kinda the big deal in the game, it’s hard to continue without killing the occasional dragon.

Well yeah that’s the thing but to me both are as important especially playing as a Nord. To keep things fair my next character was a imperial elf(I didn’t get as far)

Keep in mind I haven’t played it since about the time PS4 came out so I don’t remember alot about it

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I will report anyone who tries :expressionless:
akaras, widow, and seren can have my share.

are not a threat to fight, but they wreck your npc’s and can kill important ones :frowning:

They are smart that way.
Cant hurt you directly so they hurt you indirectly!

so akaras I took my safi’jiiva bow set and fought silver rathalos.
enraged fireball 1shot me.
fun times…

I forgot they did that

You haven’t mastered the bow yet you might need to go back and practice on Jagras

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literally my #1 issue with game >_<

oh and seeing dragons fly backwards makes me question them being smart.

ofcn ot. I am GS main.

Only re-learning bow for flying enemeis who cant hit often with it.

getting better. I need learn how to do Thousand Dragons better :frowning:
has such a weird way to go into it fro ma combo though…

p.s. Widowmei how are you? you alive? Blink three times if Akaras hog tied you to try and bait that roadrunner into his house.

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That was magic.

Why not the other ones?

Im gonna get it!

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silly akarasdragons dont use magic since they got fire breathing~

GS works well vs ground enemies.rocksteady mantle+ true charge slash = top dmg

and better for breaking parts (since blast bow build is a double edges knife due to set bonus granting more dmg, but every attack takes your life away)

" 5 Pieces : [True Dragonvein Awakening]: Enhances attacks even more with weapon drawn. Take damage when attacking, but can be recovered by continually attacking."

the life cost adds up (especially if u miss target)

takes like 8 hits to trigger regen of about 13 attacks.

so if u can avoid being hit its great (hence why blast bow is so good with it due to its heavy movement playstyle) but if u can’t hit or get hit it can get u killed.

and yes…you CAN kill yourself with it.

meep meep

They do in Tamriel, that’s why they fly backwards

I mean the other ranged weapons

It probably misses me when Im not home because no one is around to annoy it.

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I cranked up the difficulty setting for the game to expert and as luck (or unluck) would have it, a dragon found me immediately thereafter and decided (as per their usual) I’d make an excellent lunch

I found the subsequent conversation over who’d eat who to be far more difficult than it had been with previous dragons I’d fought

That said, I bet I have no chance of killing a troll now

question about weapons - i just found a weapon of absorption - seems like it takes 10 HP from the opponent and gives it to me. This seems massively OP - are these the best weapons in the game?

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I do not remember, It’s been awhile since I played it. All I remember was I was walking around with daggers but I dont remember the buffs on them.

I can’t imagine how a Elder dragon will handle you now.

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Are you talking about Skyrim?

The best thing you can do on offense is dual wield, get Elemental Fury (all three words,) and just rip them apart with dual wield power attacks while your swords are fast. The only catch is, the weapons cannot be enchanted. They have to be “plain” for Elemental Fury to affect them, though you can sharpen them to hell.

One word of Elemental Fury is in Shriekwind Bastion, north of Falkreath, past the Master Vampire and there’s a hiddenish entrance next to the master chest. This is a vampire dungeon, so come prepared.

Another word is in Dragontooth Crater, go northeast from Markarth Entrance. Fair warning, you have a decent chance of being hit with two dragons at once in this location, and I’ve heard of people encountering three.

The third word is by Meridia’s shrine, pretty close to Solitude. I would recommend getting it first, before heading to Bleak Falls Barrow, because it’ll give you a word of Elemental Fury without a huge fight to go with it.

Playing Legendary difficulty in Skyrim is actually very fun, you just need to rely on your follower to tank for you. Yeah, the enemies have good offense and excellent defense, but your follower is an NPC and is affected by those same rules for NPCs; and almost certainly has much better gear.

I give Lydia good gear, stay away until she has the enemies’ attention, and carve them a new rear end. Lidya just happens to be one of the best at doing this due to her sword and shield proficiency, but any follower can do. It really helps to give the follower effective healing potions. If you’re up against something like an Elder Dragon, you’ll need your follower to be with you or you’re in trouble.

hbg is not a good solo weapn.

lbg is 'meh"

roadrunner: “finally some peace and quiet w/o that crazy guy”


skyrim buffs were broken.

if u make w/e the alchemy/enchanting skill stuff is buff item, then make another thats higher and keep doing this you can eventally literally make even the very first weapon you get 1hit kill even hardest enemy.

glitchrim was brutally unfair after you learned how systems worked.

you mean negative nancy.