The New Venice Map

Hanzo was coming out in the middle of this month, so is it this Thursday or next ? I cracked the code :wink: I know it’s on my prediction days

They revealed its full escort

Please oh please oh please next week! I wanna see it early May! <3

It has the perfect layout for a payload map, I’m just hoping it will be the same areas.

Haha… good one.

what’s with the partial quote - without the rest of the message, there’s a lack of context.

you are so lazy and slow

wow its actually sooner than i expected. great stuff Jeff

I really hope we get the Hanzo rework on ptr sooner rather than later

so who is the new Italian hero?

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That’s makes two of us my friend :frowning: I was excited for it since they announced it

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Yes, I want to know as well!

well now we know what the name of the map is going to be
also if its a payload map
let us transport Respected businessman’s dead body