The new PTR proves the devs dont listen


Agreed. Though it is one of the only abilities in the entire game specifically designed to be used outside of combat, which some people can’t seem to grasp.

Personally, they could completely remove it and I wouldn’t care. It’s kind of situational, dependent on the point, strategy of approach, and map… Out of combat abilities can be useful, but don’t feel as good. Which is all some people care about.

Every ability, Ultimate, and movement has to feel IMMEDIATELY dynamic or INSTANTLY turn a team fight or it’s the worst thing since 9/11z


I would say it is worse than better because of the headbox of Orisa…

Orisa would receive more damage because of the armor nerf benefiting crits…


Reaper players: Reaper doesn’t have a good way to engage…
OW Devs: Oh, no problem, we’re buffing his life steal.
Reaper players: Wait but I still don’t have a way to get clo-
OW Devs: Thank you for your feedback, we’re always listening :slight_smile:
Reaper players: Bu-
OW Devs: NEXT!


They do listen… to the wrong ppl.


it’s really sad that shadow step is still the most useless ability in the game.
but other than that all the changes look amazing at least on paper.


This. I’m satisfied with the Reaper changes. SS is just kinda there. Wraith is where it’s at.


If the dev team “just disagrees” on the single most worthless ability in the game needing a change, that would explain so much about the state of this game.


Even though I pointed out how it’s not worthless?


The ability to get you past a choke point at the cost of making you a free kill if the enemy is even halfway paying attention is hardly a noteworthy strength.

There’s only one real use for it: it’s great for getting past bronze hitscans who don’t know what Shadow Step sounds like or where Reaper’s head’s going to be the instant he comes out from his self-inflicted stun or couldn’t hit it if they did know.


Don’t use it if it puts you into LoS of an enemy? That’s a you problem, not a shadowstep problem.

SS has such a small sound cue radius now you can get away with a lot on many maps.


Reaper is a glorified crutch. He needs more than just a shadow step change. He needs a full rework.


This change that they gave Reaper might be TOO MUCH, he is fine with his current lifesteal all he actually NEEDS is an effective E.
Again this change might be TOO MUCH.


Reaper will never be as good as genji or tracer, hes just not popular enough for blizzard to buff him.


I gave up giving feedback when they pushed through the doomfist nerfs. They got a ton of it, they wasted 3 weeks and so we did, we got a useless character as predicted


You need to google what the word “proves” means


Community in general: GOATS sucks and we don’t want it
OW Devs: Alright, let’s nerf it to the ground

Gaetsn: The devs don’t listen because I didn’t get what I specifically want


See, thats the issue: how is he supposed to brawl in close range if he doesn’t have the ability to engange into close range.


Just because the dev’s don’t implement player ideas doesn’t mean they aren’t listening. There is a large chance they tried switching things up with shadowstep in internal testing and nothing felt good enough to bring to PTR.


Stop using Soldier’s developpement in the lore as an attack for Blizzard not listening to your buff demands.

Even if Soldier wasn’t gay or if they didn’t release that Ana Bastet comic and event, you still wouldn’t have that shadow step change.

Stop mixing apples and oranges. It’s not the even the same people that work on reworks and lore.


I said one of.

And at least mccree doesn’t have to sit in the middle of the enemy team for the duration of his ult


Thank you… This guy gets it, we’re friends now… You’re invited to my birthday party. lol.

The problem is that Blizzard needs to learn they can’t cater to the top 1% of the community and expect things to go over well with everyone else.

What they need to do is have different builds for different levels of play, because nothing can be universally balanced. Even other sports tune the rules and field to better match it’s level of players.

Kind of like how Basketball played at the high school, college, and professional levels all have different sized courts, different heights to the rims, differently placed 3-point lines.

Or how baseball lets lower level (college/high school/some foreign leagues) players use metal bats, on a smaller field, while MLB players can only use Wooden bats on a much larger field.

The game will never feel fair, balanced, or (as) fun, when the game is fundamentally flawed and imbalanced from the foundation, but it’s tuned from the TIPPY TOP. One that doesn’t make sense. If the foundation of your house was unstable, would you climb on the roof to try to balance it?

Blizzard needs to address the issues WHERE THEY EXIST. But that’s impossible when everyone at every level is playing on the same patch/build.

If something is EXTREMELY problematic at Bronze-Plat, changing it will only serve to hurt the balance of the game for those people at the top. And if you change stuff at the top, you’re just crapping on the lower end of the elo-spectrum.

And that’s what we’ve seen. That’s why I think there needs to be AT LEAST 2 balance builds.

But yeah, there are FAR GREATER examples of Blizzard “not listening” than not making shadow step the greatest move ever.