The new PTR proves the devs dont listen


Fun fact: Reaper has had every aspect of his kit buffed except shadowstep.

:white_check_mark: Passive heal (3 times now)
:white_check_mark: Shotgun spread
:white_check_mark: wraithform
:white_check_mark: ult
:x: Shadowstep


Because the one who balancing the game and the one who doing the lore are two separate group of people.


Just because the devs did something different from what the playerbase asked does not prove they are not listening.

Listening does not equal doing what the playerbase says. Listening means simply reviewing what is being said and then making a decision based off that feedback and any other variables that effect that decision.

They listened and chose a different path. That is all.


every reaper: armor cuts our damage!
OW Devs: here you go.
every reaper: death blossom is so bad that some tanks can just stand in it and outdamage me while i’m ulting
OW Devs: here. you. go.


I won’t deny that the changes they made were half-steps… BUT if there is one hero that is a winner, it’s Reaper.

Shadow step sucks, it does. But reaper has SO MUCH utility and now has the highest survivability out of any hero on the roster.

Reaper isn’t hurting, and even if they OUTRIGHT removed shadow step and didn’t replace it, it deosn’t really matter seeing as he still has more utility, health, and mobility than a lot of heroes.

Everyone wants unreasonable things, then they get frustrated when it doesn’t happen. That doesn’t mean it never will, but it’s so far from a priority that you come across whiny, especially when Reaper has gotten more AND BETTER buffs than heroes that have been FAR more broken.

Shadow step sucks, but changing it would just make Reaper too strong… period.
Why shouldn’t something so strong have a cast/deploy time? Especially when he already has an instant mobility ability. Wraith is instant.

Instead of complaining about what you don’t have… Let’s look at what he does.
One of the highest DPS,
one of the quicker time to kill target.
Instant and unstoppable mobility with wraith
Higher than average health pool
highest self sustain healing in the game.
2nd mobility ability that gives him access to points most heroes cant reach.

He’s already strong as hell… That doesn’t mean he couldn’t be better. But if you want to measures priorities based upon meta deficiencies, Reaper isn’t even in the conversation. And I don’t care about a heroes viability for the top 2% or 3% of players, because the bottom 97% are getting tons of use out of him.

Compare that with Sym, who has the worst stats in every single category.
The longest TTK out of all DPS.
She has no instant mobility.
She has no self healing/sustain
No stun/CC abilites
No shields or barriers
and the standard 200 hp.
Her pickrate is still not even 1%
She dies more than any other DPS hero
She’s averaging less elims than most other DPS heroes.

That’s a reason to complain… Not because an incredibly strong ability has a cast time.


I really dislike that loop. Cry about something, get a buff. Cry about other heroes counter-play, get them nerfed.
Then cry about every other thing that isn’t perfect on your main until it gets buffed.

The reason that doesn’t work is because then people will cry about Reaper… And in 2 months they’ll be nerfing him.

Buffs are meant to help weak heroes find a consistent level of viability… Not to make your main (who is already reasonably strong in the areas that matter) the strongest.

These types of people really hurt the game, because they’re typically the most vocal and adamant… Which is why half the heroes are completely useless. Because people cried about counter-play… Now there hardly is any in the game.


I agree with everything as a biased Sym main.

But for real, shadowstep isn’t that bad, it’s an out of combat positioning tool. It’s not meant to be an escape or engage, that’s what wraith form is for!

These changes are going to make reaper excellent. If they address shadowstep in the future, that’d be the icing on the cake but for now he’s good.


Because Reaper players are a tiny fraction of the playerbase in comparison to the huge amount who wanted armour to be nerfed and some kind of counter to tank-heavy compositions. This change overall pleases more people than if they just reworked Shadowstep.


Exactly. How much more does REALLY need?

Also, what you said is the key… It’s designed to be an out of combat positioning tool, not an escape tactic.

That’s the problem more often than not, is that people aren’t properly utilizing hero abilities, then they complain about it’s uselessness or ineffectiveness.

On an unrelated note, That’s why new Sym is not as good. Because the people crying the loudest NEVER PLAYED HER. And now those same people are defending the re-work by saying “she’s better now”. But I’m always like “Where is your basis for comparison?” People who had 1 hour of Sym 1.0 and 2.0 don’t have the knowledge and experience to make that judgement. But those are the people Blizz listens to.

She’s certainly more fun and dynamic than she was before, but STATISTICALLY, she’s not better, and she’s not picked that much more than she ever was…
And now she has a major deficiency of not having any means to defend herself mid-fight. She’s way more niche, because at least before she worked on every defense/neutral map… Where as now her effectiveness is directly tied to healing and shield tanks. She hardly has any independent functionality, and requires FAR more coordination and orchestration with your team to get half as much use out of her than she could in her 2.0 days.

If they AT LEAST gave her her photon shield back she’d be 100 times better… But people cried because it was “too strong” and too good at consistently shutting down enemy ults… Which is BS.


“MOAR DEMEGE” is more flashy in the OWL than fixing problems with shadow step. Gotta keep the ratings high right?


b-but armor, and like…DM

Reaper: Die Die—
Brig: Stunned
Ana: Antid/slept
Dva: Still Defense Matrixs him
Rein: Hammers him for good measure
Zarya: “TY for charge”
Lucio: Boops you off map for the cred

And this is after you manage to somehow get close enough to chew through the rein shields.


dang, didn’t realize Michael Chu was a game dev


Right, but it’ll never unfold like that. Now it’ll be “die, die, die, and everyone’s dead before they can stop it because he chews through armor faster than it can be generated, meaning brig dies before she gets her stuff off, as does every other hero with armor… now it’s just a Mercy left that was the only person out of range of the blossom, built she doesn’t have the healing strength to heal through a finger flick anymore, let alone someone on the rim of a blossom.

Then after catching a 4 person kill from all of the ineffective armored heroes, he turns and 2 shots Mercy. Point capped.

That’s how it is NOW. When these changes go live, everyone is going to realize how strong he is and he’ll get nerfed in 2 months.


Chu is more responsible for the flow of the “story” and lore.

This all falls on Jeff.


You just presented the most optimal and best case scenario for a Reaper ult, which is rarer and less likely to occur than a Dva just pressing right click, a McCree flashing, or a rein holding up his shield to block most of the damage long enough for the team to react.


idk though, jayne just did a pro pug at blizz hq and the dominate meta was still goats…


I wish she was still a support :sob:

A guy in my group tells me this. He has less than 30 min total on her in all game modes… I can’t tell if he is pushing my buttons. Jerk probably heard a pro say it so it becomes an unquestionable fact to him.


WhAt Is A tAnK bUsTeR wHeN aLl ThEy CaN fIgHt Is TaNkS

I dont know maybe a hero designed to bust tanks like a TANK BUSTER


I’m kinda willing to bet that the devs have changed Shadowstep a handful of times to be faster, have invulnerability during cast, ect.

My guess why they might not put it on PTR is because of how it would then interact with Death Blossom.

Which… There is counter play to, but overall… The question kinda sits… Changes to Shadowstep (Outside of QOL buffs for it) kind of questions… How do you feel about reduced damage to Ult?


It would be a really cool escape though. Like a horror movie