The new PTR proves the devs dont listen


Oh yeah, too bad Michael Chu was too busy writing that because he could’ve been balancing heroes otherwise. /s

This is almost like the devs are trying to balance the game according to meta rather than listening to random rants on the forum.

The game suffers from tank heavy meta. It needs antitanks. Reaper is antitank. He can be effective because he can get easily mowed down up close against tanks. Also lots of armor plus healing kinda makes his damage useless.

Devs: Buff self heal. Nerf armor. He can counter tanks 10x better now.

Reaper player: Let me whine about this on the forums.


idk if this was sarcasm or not but chu isnt a dev he does storyboard


It’s sarcasm. OP implied that soldier being gay had anything to do with balancing so I made fun of that.


ok just being sure :smiley:


I’ll add a sarcasm tag to be sure because you never know if people are serious about this stuff on this distinguished forum.


It’s almost as if replacing an ability requires more time and iterations than buffing existing ones.


Ah yeah, remember when Reaper had no teammates?


That may have been true more often than not before the buff. But unless they see the reaper before he pops his ult, or the Reaper decides to go for a ‘glory ult’ instead of securing one or two priority targets, he is going to be able to more affectively secure kills in and outside of his ult, without having an overreliance (or ANY reliance now) on pocket-healing .

And with the Nerf to defense matrix, he can at least get a second+ off before Dva can pop it again if he or his team baits it out first, or wait until Dva’s de-meched, which is what he should do anyways.

And while you say I’m proposing a best-case scenario, you are proposing the worst case scenario.

The reality is that any/every Ult can be rendered completely and utterly ineffective when used improperly. The examples that you mentioned are a part of counter-play.

The goal is to either eliminate your opposition, or push them outside of their optimal defensive positioning BEFORE you use your ultimate. And after you’ve hit a certain point, you AUTOMATICALLY know exactly what your main can survive. You know if it’s optimal or not, and if you don’t, you need to pay more attention.

That is going to be true no matter what changes they make, you are arguing against any type of counter-play whatsoever… Meaning every single ultimate should automatically result in a six person teamwipe if they are in the vicinity of the ultimate, and that’s just not realistic or fun.

If your argument is that he cannot consistently secure one or two elims Without 95% of the roster countering it, then that might be something to consider… but, as it stands he has never really had that problem outside of goats, and DEFINITELY doesn’t have it NOW.

My point really was about people asking for more when they’ve been getting nothing but more for months in end.


And that’s my point, if XQC or Seagull says something then it’s actually real… But until one of the elite players acknowledge an issue, everything’s fine.

And as soon as they do say something, everyone immediately adopts it as if it is biblical law.

Personally, I feel that blizzard should talk to the people who are the best, or have the most actual experience M play time with a hero before they change it.

Because, if you ask me it’s not just Sym. I can name a half-dozen or more heroes that were far better, more viable, and more fairly balanced, before blizzard started messing with them at the request of the most vocal minority.


Agreed. Though it is one of the only abilities in the entire game specifically designed to be used outside of combat, which some people can’t seem to grasp.

Personally, they could completely remove it and I wouldn’t care. It’s kind of situational, dependent on the point, strategy of approach, and map… Out of combat abilities can be useful, but don’t feel as good. Which is all some people care about.

Every ability, Ultimate, and movement has to feel IMMEDIATELY dynamic or INSTANTLY turn a team fight or it’s the worst thing since 9/11z


I would say it is worse than better because of the headbox of Orisa…

Orisa would receive more damage because of the armor nerf benefiting crits…


Reaper players: Reaper doesn’t have a good way to engage…
OW Devs: Oh, no problem, we’re buffing his life steal.
Reaper players: Wait but I still don’t have a way to get clo-
OW Devs: Thank you for your feedback, we’re always listening :slight_smile:
Reaper players: Bu-
OW Devs: NEXT!


They do listen… to the wrong ppl.


it’s really sad that shadow step is still the most useless ability in the game.
but other than that all the changes look amazing at least on paper.


This. I’m satisfied with the Reaper changes. SS is just kinda there. Wraith is where it’s at.


If the dev team “just disagrees” on the single most worthless ability in the game needing a change, that would explain so much about the state of this game.


Even though I pointed out how it’s not worthless?


The ability to get you past a choke point at the cost of making you a free kill if the enemy is even halfway paying attention is hardly a noteworthy strength.

There’s only one real use for it: it’s great for getting past bronze hitscans who don’t know what Shadow Step sounds like or where Reaper’s head’s going to be the instant he comes out from his self-inflicted stun or couldn’t hit it if they did know.


Don’t use it if it puts you into LoS of an enemy? That’s a you problem, not a shadowstep problem.

SS has such a small sound cue radius now you can get away with a lot on many maps.


Reaper is a glorified crutch. He needs more than just a shadow step change. He needs a full rework.