The new PTR proves the devs dont listen


every reaper player: Can you change shadow step, its kinda useless

OW Devs: Look soldiers gay!!!

Every reaper player: thats cool, but how bout that shadow step change, you know the one weve been asking for since pretty much luanch?

OW Devs: you know what, we are going to buff reaper, just for you

Every reaper player: Great is it a shadow step change?

OW Devs: no but now you can heal for 224 when you hit a headshot upclose.

Every reaper player: …


Really? People have been complaining about the strength of armor for months. They’ve also been complaining that Reaper wasn’t as strong in toe-to-toe fights as he should have been. This update includes GIANT improvements to both of those issues. Seems like they’re absolutely listening.


except that former employee. there isn’t any making that look good


true, but by just changing the armour, and not increasing a stat, no one was asking for, would have been strong enough. with the spread change, reaper was putting out more damage anyway, with the armour change, that would have made reaper a hard tank counter, now he is the new brig, impossible to kill in a 1v1 regarless of skill level, reaper is a little better because, well he has to aim, but its a shotgun with a spread that can hit anything if its half in the screen up close.


Blizzard is listening but their ability to actually make quality changes is nonexistent. Reaper needed buffs but not these. His tank busting ability was limited because he lacks a way to get into range or escape.

He couldn’t do anything against heroes with range or mobility either. What good is a tank buster if all they can fight is tanks?

Armor isn’t really that big of any issue either. It’s only a problem when teams have zero coordination. If the enemy has armor you need to team fire. Sadly, that doesn’t happen below masters.


actually armor changes and health changes and (believe it or not) more lgbt characters have all been called for on here at some point or another…

so theyre not listening because theyre listening apparantly…

  • armour changes yes
  • health changes (nothing was in the ptr patchnotes about changing the health of any character unless your talking about armour again.)
  • im not going to get into a debate about lgbt characters and the “lack thereof” but ever since launch the devs have said that there was another gay character in the roster, everyone thought it was going to be mccree, but its soldier.
    -no one was asking for more lifesteal for reaper, everyone was asking for a change to shadow step or a completely new ability.


Ever consider they just disagree on a shadow step buff? As a tool for getting past chokes unseen or onto high ground for an ambush it’s fine.


thats definitly a possability, but as shadow step is incredibly loud, and you are a free kill to a widow who sees you as its not hard to miss a standing target. my take, when tp, reaer goes invis and stays invis for 2 secs after tp completes.


The devs don’t have to give the exact buff that mains of the hero are asking for - I’m sure the design team knows the identity and purpose of Reaper a hell of a lot more than the people that main him. The fact is that he is not meant to have a reliable engage on his E ability. He is meant to be a close range brawler who can sustain himself mid-fight. Giving him 2 reliable engage/disengage abilities would make him too similar to Doomfist/Tracer. They made the right change.


All they had to was remove the noise from shadow step :confused: But the devs dont work of player feed back anymore, so not surprising.


Here’s the thing, reaper wasn’t strong in toe to toe due to armor, not due to his lifesteal being to low.

Not to mention, he is weak due to

A. Lack of reliable initiation.
B. Laughable range.
C. One of the easiest to counter ults in the game


Right cause the story writers have anything to do with balance. Don’t be dense.

As for shadowstep, I’m sure it’ll get looked at but the armor changes and lifesteal buff are going to be a big help.


Crys in sombra and doomfist


I don’t recall anyone complaining about normal armor, just brigitte armor.

That and i feel like they should have looked into his most useless ability instead.


The new PTR proves the devs do listen, you muppet.

People have been moaning Brig is too strong, they’ve been moaning tanks are too strong, they’ve been moaning about armour being too strong, they’ve moaned about defence matrix and they’ve been moaning about Reaper’s inability to tank bust.

They’ve literally done so many things people wanted.


As a tank, I’d rather deal with Reaper than Brig (when she was OP). Getting bashed was usually death one way or another, so like ptr Reaper, it was stay away or die.

The difference? Reaper’s only purpose is “stay away or die,” Brig was that and an off-tank and an off-support. Reaper also still has to deal with barriers and only heals while doing damage, which means he only heals while winning in close range.

Reaper also can be dealt with by tanks, Roadhog and Orisa, and any future tanks that can fight him outside Reaper’s range. Brig could only be dealt with by picking Rein and Zarya, forcing mirror matches, and Reins had little control over the situation until bash stopped bypassing barriers.

Brig had too much sustain to kill at range, even with dps heroes who should counter her on paper, and could do her job just fine even if she’s forced to play backline every now and then. Reaper is as easy to kill at range as he’s always been, Hanzo even can one-shot Reaper. Most dps have an advantage against Reaper, as always, but now he has good match ups against all the tanks instead of just Winston.


Yeah, for a few months now. Shadow Step changes have been requested since the game was launched. They listened to Reaper needing buffs, but they didn’t listen to the players who have been requesting the change over the course of well over two years.


You just have to use shadow step correctly its not that terrible


Maybe if you complain that shadow step isn’t fun to watch in owl they will change it