The new mercy nerf


Well these forums are going to be fun for the next few days


I’m storing rations already. I’m going to wait out the Mercy Uprising in my bunker.


What is the nerf exactly? Something about valk?


forum is always fun…
and mercy nerf never stops



i don’t care about the forums, i’am just so happy right now.


Can I join you plz


Lol, she will still be the #1 support pick


Still don’t think this will change mercy’s must pick but, eh


Let’s hope it leaves her a must pick, because if that’s true
Then what’s left to nerf that isn’t that awful E rez, and they can’t nerf that anymore without it being unusabe

We had our silver bullet after the last nerfs
Now we’ll be loading an M60 heavy gun with silver bullets of proof that prove this rework is beyond redemption


Sorry Torbjorn mains only