The new junkrat changes encourages spam over aim, it makes the problem you want to solve worse


this doesnt encourage aim at all if i cant hit anything i might as well just start spamming as junkrat and stop aiming as him

your making the problem worse

high ranked junkrat players will have a harder time aiming with him while the lower ranks wont be affected as much

ive said it at least 20 times if you really want to nerf him:

80 damage mine
mine does 120 damage to people in traps
rip tire cost increased


Why are you even complaining about a straight nerf?


Because they don’t like it ?


because it is such a stupid nerf he needed something but this is beyond me


Junkrat main making a post complaining bout the nerf, shocker


Its a poorly executed modification, with a statement that clearly shows a lack of internal testing of the concept.


He will never requiere a good aim if his weapon stays that way.
The new change will just make it harder to hit so a little bit more time to kill someone…


If they want his weapon to require more aim than it currently does, just increase his projectile speed along with the projectile size reduction.


i dont think anyone asked for mine falloff as well so…


But I don’t see how it encourages spamming. I mean, it makes the things harder to hit so obvioulsy it will be less effective than before regatdless.


people will still be afraid to walk into small enclosed areas where he is spamming but if you actually wanna aim with him your gonna have a hard time


“Hmm I can’t hit that guy over… Guess I’ll just lob at ton of grenades in that general area”


We asked for a flat 80 before they ever made the change, and they ignored it because it still gave Junkrat a better fighting chance with tracer and genji


But that is exactly for what he is designed - to be most effective in small areas (just like moira).


the higher you climb with junkrat the less spam you have to do you have to actually start to aim now