The new Doomfist buff is a joke. The real Doomfist problems

I have seen more failed doomfist ults. Than mcree meme ult high noon. Doom fist ult is more like an escape ability on a long cool down.

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Why does most non-Dommie players think his Ult is unavoidable when its so easy to avoid?..


Repeated experience of people failing to avoid it.

Doomfist mains seem to think everyone can tell where it will land. They can’t.


DF ult is kinda easy to avoid or counter tbh

Brigitte HP E or Zarya bubble

Hanzo now can dodge it too

I would have faster the time he needs to land, or increase the knock back effect so it can be use on certain circumstances such as bridges

I would have not increase the shield earned when hitting, but increase the duration of it
Right now its ridiculous, teamfights are about 30sec and you have 10-15-30sec before the other teamfight begin, the little shields you had always disappeared


I’m gonna throw out a guess and ask you if you’re a console player, don’t use headphones, don’t use ATMOS or some combination of the three? Four, in perhaps you have hearing loss in one ear?


Wallsliding is the only reason Doomfist is anything resembling “good.” (double quoted because I know he’s actually in a bad spot rn)

But remove that and he would be G Tier guaranteed.

Faster movement also means further movement. Makes the ult a more effective escape tool as well. More shields means more survivability. Not to mention the bug fixes which basically serve as buffs as well. Pretty solid buffs.

If you are using non-mobile characters, I can understand but most have mobility or Shields. So Unless you are very bad, you can avoid getting killed by it.

Just jumping to the outer layers of the Ult’s radius and you can survive, that’s how bad it is.


You’re kidding, right?


No it’s not. Now it’s going to be more useful but Meteor Strike is (or had been, we’ll have to see with the buff) a positioning and zoning ult. Even a Zenyatta could escape from you if you were unlucky enough.

He’s serious like 0 hours on Doommie serious

  1. Doom is not suppose to be able to wipe out the entire team with his ulti lol. 2. Doom is already in my opinion a little op on the ladder. (kinda how reaper is only good on the ladder, same with doom) but doom is alot better then reaper. hes kinda the reaper of squishys. Doom Hanzo and Widow are the only people in the game who can 1 shot most of heros ( This is litterer only 1 shot not including combos or ultis) he is broken against unorganized teams aka every team in comp. If anything doom should be Nerf not buffed in my opinion.

They increased movement speed, not landing speed. All those times where people move out of the center are still going to happen since he still drops at exactly the same speed.

Every hitpoint counts because his hitbox is the size of a tank and he has to be in your face to get kills, which means people aren’t going to miss, since it’ll take up most of your screen.

I’ve seen a “Fixed random bug on Doomfist” in several patches, but they have been confirmed to still be in game. It would be valuable IF they actually did what they said they were doing.

Doomfist can barely kill one person with his ult. No one is asking for a team wipe

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I actually saw that and almost died laughing.


The 50% speed increase was actually needed, as it’s often difficult to get ahead of your targets fast enough, before they all spread out. Now you can more rapidly place Meteor Strike where you need to, and use it to hit multiple targets much more easily.

The 5 extra barrier shield makes a huge difference. You have to remember that they stack for each opponent you hit, meaning if you Seismic Slam down on two opponents, you will now get 70 shield instead of 60. But I think it was mostly buffed to increase your survivability when using Meteor Strike.

biggest bug which is still left of rocket punch

10 shields is half a Soldier’s bullet.
It’s nothing.

Symmetra used to hand out 25 shields to people individually, and most thought THAT was underwhelming.

Everyone BESIDES Ana and zen, can.


Very easily.

I mean yes if you try to kill a tracer with ur ulti its not going to work but its an insta kill on an ana. You have to go for low mobility heros. Dont go for the ginji lucio or moira. If you use it as an escape then its also good. You can use it to dive in and kill 2 people 1 with combo 2nd with right click 1 shot them then ulti out.