The new Doomfist buff is a joke. The real Doomfist problems

I was happy to hear Doomfist get some buffs and then i heard this…
Ult speed increase from 150%-200%.
Why? Nobody need this, it dont makes sense to me.
I heard it should make it more easy to track people but its not even hard to track them at the moment.
Anyway most of the time you go for targets like Zen and Ana because most other hereos have mobility to easy dodge the ult. Or you use it as an escape button.

The biggest problems in my opinion with Doomfists ultimate.

After his ult he cant move for a split second but it feels like hours.
This makes Doomfist an easy kill after his ult if you use it to get kills. This feels bad.

The ultimate is so loud so you know if Doomfist is over your head and hes coming for you or not. It also takes a little bit to long to come down in my opinion.

The damage in the center is to low, you cant even kill a Bastion without his turret mode with a Doofist ultimate. I would like to see an increase of the damage in the center of the ult. 300 is way to low. For an ultimate like that.

Now he get 5 more shield per hit… 5.
Why 5? whats the sense of this?

Dont know what they thought.

He could really need one shot more in his magazin. Thats what i like to see not 5 shield more per hit.

And a fix of wallsliding after rocket punch.

I dont like the Doomfist buffs and i dont think they are useful in anyway.


Why is it that all DF mains complain about his ult?

It’s a fairly unavoidable guaranteed kill. Most other ults have a pretty solid chance of doing nothing at all.


Well… it does kinda cause the least kills per game out of all offensive dps ultimates, with Tracer as a runner up.

The real value of Doomfist’s ultimate is the shields, mobility and invincibility, but that’s a lot harder to appreciate as an ultimate.


That’s 16,67% more. Sound a lot? Yes.
It means you get 1/6 faster shield charge to get max.


Maybe if you caught them off-guarded. Otherwise it’s easily avoidable.


Literally every hero outside of two can straight up avoid or flat out tank a dead center meteor strike.


The mass majority of heroes can escape it with their mobility.


Most DPS ults are considered a waste if they only get one kill.
The only exception in fact, is pulse bomb, which has a significantly low cost exactly because of this.

For instance I hate riptire, especially when i play support, but I don’tcomplain about it much because most times it only kills one guy. But even riptire is better than Meteor Strike imo


To be honest Doomfist players are pretty lucky to even get a buff, he’s currently starting to become extremely viable in Comp and I think this Shield buff could possibly make him meta when Hanzo gets nerfed.



I completely agree. Any DF buffs is a joke. Like DF itself.


I would be happier about this…


Same here…i was so dissappointed when i read the “Buffs”.

It goes to show that the devs don’t know what to do with Meteor Strike, making it a bit faster won’t change nothing. At first i thought it meant landing speed increased, but nope, movement speed =_= why?

And woop a whole 5 extra shields, we S tier now /s

wake me up when we get meaningful Buffs

5 shields is ridiculous.

That’s nothing. Symmetra used to give out 25 shields, and most people didn’t see value in them.

“But brah, it’s 5 shields more per hit for every enemy!”

None of his abilities reliably hit more than one player outside of being Grav’d by Zarya.

Also if you’re diving more than one enemy as him, they WILL VAPORIZE Doomfist, even at max health. That’s how little health matters without armor and a defensive ability to back it up, especially when you’re a huge target at close range like Doomfist is.

Stun, Discord, dead.
Oh, but 5hp…that’s sure gonna flip the script. /sarcasm


It’s BS too.
The very FIRST thing that happened when I tried Doomfist on PTR yesterday is a Tracer Blinked out of a Rocket Punch.

I went Reaper against an enemy Doomfist and confirmed it myself. Patch notes are blatant lies.

I’ll explain everything as best as I can. I guess I’m semi qualified to do so? Idk

The ult speed increase was needed because some really silly stuff could happen. I’ve seen baby Dva survive the ult because she could literally run out of its center before doomfist landed.
It got you armor, yes, but what good would that do when you crashed down in a group of enemies only for an entire team to pump you full of bullets and other death causing things before you could even move again? Now you can at least confirm one or two of those. It’s not a perfect fix but it at least can do something.
5 shield is a lot more than it seems after it stacks up. When I use Doomfist, every single hitpoint counts. A lot of the time, I get killed by something like a Moira ball or a stray bullet while escaping and it kills me. It wouldn’t do this if I had even a little more health. Simply put, it gives a chance to escape.

His magazine I’ve always seen as strings of a combo in a fighting game. They do some extra damage and that’s all they’re meant to do. I wouldn’t be against another shot but on most heroes it doesn’t feel completely necessary.

And for the wallsliding stuff, that’s been getting worked on in seemingly every patch. Idk if it’s gonna work now but I hope it does.

Also I’m not sure if the reaper stuff works properly but if it actually does, it’s going to be so relieving. I can’t even begin to describe the amount of times I’ve lost a well earned kill cause reaper wraiths at the last second before he hits the wall.

Regardless, they’re small changes on paper but ingame, I see all of them as incredibly valuable.

Doomfist was already fine, now with the bug fixes and the added survivability he’s probably in great shape.

Fixing seismic slam and rocket punch bugs fixes are buffs even though they aren’t labeled that way.

Oh boy, there are many reasons why that ult is terrible.

First of all, the time for him to jump down. It is pretty long, making it easy to avoid.

Second of all, the most effective aoe. That aoe is abysmally small, making it also easy to avoid. And for some reason, I have seen a Brig standing in the center of the big damage zone, got hit by it, and walked out without taking any point of damage (it tilted me for days). Beside, the highest amount of damage it can do is 300, and only works if you time it correctly.

And finally, it is weird. The camera can be changed for better aimming, but sometimes, that thing will land on the tinniest, most insignificant part of the map like a lamppost or underneath the mini bridge where the big health pack is in Anubis, despite you want to place it on the bridge. I have this happened to me a lot of time nows, but I am glad they fix the bug where he could fall out of the map with the ult like he used to.

A faster ult charge means it is going to be more for frequent, but since it is loud, bright as the sun and slow to come down, many people would enough time to react and get their sorry butts out of the most damaging zone. So it changes little.

But the higher shield gain is nice though.


It makes you completely invulnerable, and invisible. The time to react if you want to avoid it is honestly about 0.1 seconds.

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You added a decimal there.

One second.

You have one second to react.

Only- you actually have more.

Because the CAST time itself is one second. The thing is that the ability is so god damn loud, that the invisibility is worthless- you can easily pinpoint exactly where doomfist is.

Be it across the battle field.

Or right on you.

So you can and should be reacting before he even locks in the cast time.

From there- the max range is about 7 meters.

With drop off to about- Oh. 10 damage at the end.

Heroes run at 5.5 meters per second (with some even faster). ANY hero simply running can not only utterly avoid the epicenter, they can often reach the outer edges where it does minimal damage. This is BEFORE any defensive or mobility abilities come into play.

Even a mccree combat roll is enough to avoid the thing.

Outside of Ana and zen, the ult is worthless for attack. At a high level of play outside of very rare opportunities, it’s almost entirely used to retreat or access odd terrain.

This speed buff won’t change any of that. The cast time is still long. You can still hear it. Chasing people down with it was never the problem. Hitting them for any meaningful damage was.


Huh, I just saw a thread a few minutes ago praising the buffs.