The new competitive system is NOT the same as the old one

While people keep making the point that the system is the same under the hood, there is some fundamental difference.

You might never actually see your peak-rank.

Let’s say you are diamond 1 (just updated) and you win 6 games in a row. In the old system you’d rank up to master. In the new one you could literally lose 8 games in a row after those 6 wins, win 1 games right after, go 7-8 and stay diamond 1 or even de-rank.

The system will never tell you if you hit a higher rank (or lower rank for that matter) between the actual updates.

Another point which is just terrible is the feeling right after an update. It takes on average (assuming 50%~ win rate) around 14 games to update again.

If you didn’t hit a desired rank-up it just feels terrible being back at 0 wins. It gets worse when you start by losing 4-5 games and you already know it’s pointless, because you wont rank up the next update either. You will have to play 20+ games to even have a chance at a rank up at this point.

I can’t see how this is supposed to optimize engagement, as it’s quite literally the opposite for me not seeing my (exact) current rank outside the updates.

If you’re a casual player it takes multiple days to get a single rank update. It’s such a terrible system.


i have no idea how the ranking system worked until they released that hard stuck b5 patch though i went b5 to b2 in one Evalution. I wish they would just publish it though :frowning:

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It needs to be much more skill based rather than win or loss. I thought it was at the start as I was flying up the ranks even on a negative win rate, but it turns out it was just pushing me back to where I was in OW1 and now it’s the same old system as before.

After getting to p2 I’ve gone through 4 adjustments now without changing rank. It feels stale like what’s the point in playing? I went 7-2 earlier and still didn’t rank up. In the old system that would have been at least 100sr gain. Instead of fixing or improving the game Blizz have chosen to hide everything and ignore obvious problems.


It optimizes engagement because instead of…

“Just one more game!”

Now it’s…

“Just 7 more games!”


We suspect they went from basic MMR rigging (basic SBMM), to adding more layers of EOMM and DDA. Basically, cranked up the rigging, pulled off a terrible fake reset with data baggage from S31 onwards, squelching everyone down to the bottom, and trying extra hard to seed new players into all ranks, and break bugout or hardstuck a bunch of accounts in bronze.

And then all the frontend changes as you mentioned, not seeing ranks and these horrible updates/rank changes.

We really need transparency. If it’s not rigged, there is nothing to hide.
Show us the code. Stand by your supposedly non-rigged system and come to it’s defence with accountability and trust.


Its more rigged than ever! We have people losing 16 before winning 7 and still ranking up. Personally, with an over 55% win rate and 28 wins I went from Gold 1 to gold 5. I paid close attention to my stats and saw no reason why it should be de-ranking me. Nothing should matter more than wins! This is beyond broken!

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^this, been on the same rank for the last 5 updates, just won 3 and lost 5(with leavers and actual throwers, one guy literally yeeted himself and another tank stood still because they were upset and stated it out loud) why even bother playing up to 7 again, i know im going to be the same rank again, it feels so pointless. Then qp is the same thing, at least i can just leave those, with nothing stopping me after leveling to 200 and getting cyberdemon.

Games got significantly worse after i passed my ow1 rank, like i was expected to carry. The forced 50/50 really went into overdrive, the amount of bronzes and silvers i get in my games after a win streak is insane. After a loss streak all of a sudden i have plats on my team, whats up with that? It wasnt like that in ow1, because you could see the ranks plain as day.

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