The most fun part about Mercy!

She isn’t dependent on super jump it just greatly helps her in her current state, especially in high ranks. Like i said her current state is poor, and removing superjump is a horrible idea. Removing superjump, a harmless bug, would cause an outroar and actually need compensation buffs for its absence.

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I like the slingshot and hate Genji’s double jump.
GA’s mechanics feel so much more dynamic than a standard butt double jump, and I can’t imagine finding fun in being so strictly limited again.


Per above:

You can have a preference. I just don’t think that should be centered around the nature of it being a bug.

It isn’t but ok

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There it is.

If a bug is funtional and has not caused enough disruption to the Overwatch team for it to be removed then there is no reason to differentiate it from a bug or function.
Why would you care if it were a bug or not?
Balance is all that matters.

Oh, that old fiasco. :skull:

I’ll just quote Titanium’s response:


Nerf disguised as a bug fix.


I really hate super jump it annoys me and is very unpredictable.

Superjump is still not a bug.
Its possible since they decided that Mercy keeps her momentum by pressing Space.
There are many others methods to go “under” the chosen Ally to extend the vertical momentum.
Pressing shift is just the most reliable one. But superjump is still not a bug. Its working as intended

Twenty characters can be eliminated with :

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And this is not what I said.

Laughs in symm, sombra, and mercy

That’s my literal point. I am actively saying do not give them this chance :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m not sure if this is an advertisement for superjump or that Mercy’s maneuverability is the only thing fun about her kit.


That’s what you implied. “It’s a bug, why does it do anything?”

I heard it was easy to superjump on computer, is that true? It’s rather hard on xbox.


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I’ve never really had problems on console.

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Do you main Mercy? Just curious.


I don’t think her maneuvering aspect is anything to dismiss. I think her current fluidity especially as of the momentum changes have made her a work of art.

Lucio is fluid but imo, much too easy.

No it isn’t. I said why is it part of her balance? Not exist. Sombra had a double emp glitch where sometimes the first emp didn’t work… I’m quite glad it is gone even if it had its uses.

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I have no main.


That isn’t the same as exist. Like I’ve already detailed

Well, anyway,
OP- I think that Superjump is definitely a great part about Mercy, I hope they don’t remove it. It’s probably the best thing about her, actually.


Can someone explain how to do this on ps4? I cant get it going but on PC i finally got it. the super jump that is